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Seamless supply chain integration delivers retail success

HCLTech transformed supply chain visibility for a leading furniture retailer and improved service levels to 95%
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5 min read

Our client is a prominent Netherlands-headquartered furniture retailer with a global presence, boasting over 400 stores across 64 countries. As a market leader in the retail segment, they specialize in ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, home decoration, accessories and various other home services.

The Challenge

Navigating supply chain hurdles

Our client faced several challenges in their supply chain operations, including:

  • Limited visibility: Lack of real-time visibility into transactional supply chain data hindered decision-making and responsiveness to market dynamics
  • Insight generation: The existing systems lacked the capability to generate detailed insights into demand, supply and other critical aspects of

The Objective

Achieving unified decision-making

The primary objective was to consolidate disparate views within the supply chain to establish a single version of truth, enabling seamless coordination and decision-making across various business processes.

The Objective

The Solution

A comprehensive approach for driving supply chain visibility

To address the challenges, HCLTech implemented a comprehensive solution tailored to our client's needs:

  • Blue Yonder Luminate Control Tower (LCT): Implementation of the LCT platform provided enhanced visibility into supply chain operations, enabling real-time monitoring and decision-making
  • Microsoft Power BI dashboards: HCLTech built powerful Power BI dashboards to analyze and visualize supply chain data, empowering internal stakeholders with actionable insights
  • Engagement and analysis: Over a span of 24+ months, HCLTech analyzed over 100 requirements and built 10+ dashboards to cater to our client's specific business needs

The Impact

Tangible business benefits of supply chain solution implementation

The implementation of the solution led to several tangible business benefits:

  • Enhanced visibility and collaboration within the supply network resulted in improved inventory management practices
  • The solution facilitated increased collaboration between internal teams and external partners, leading to smoother operations and better responsiveness to market demands
  • The system provided response orchestration capabilities, enabling them to effectively navigate disruptions and maintain service levels
  • Stakeholders gained access to enhanced analytics and diagnostic capabilities, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement
  • Overall service levels improved significantly, rising from 70% to 95% because of improved visibility and coordination
  • Forecast accuracy improved by 5-7%, leading to a reduction in global inventory costs of 8-12%