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Streamlining ecommerce integration for enhanced customer experience

HCLTech helped optimize operations for enhanced customer experience through ecommerce integration
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5 min read

Our client, a renowned global leader in beauty and personal care products, has a presence in more than 100 countries. The company's extensive network of independent sales representatives has made the client's products accessible to millions of customers worldwide.

The Challenge

Leveraging ecommerce to meet evolving customer expectations seamlessly

The leading women's beauty products company did not have a foothold in ecommerce. As a result, they were missing out on substantial business opportunities. In addition to integrating ecommerce into their growth, they also faced the challenge of creating a DevOps pipeline for automated deployments, streamlining supply chain networks and operations and resolving firewall errors encountered while accessing source APIs.


The Objective

Expanding business into the digital realm

The primary objective of our client was to leverage ecommerce to expand their market reach and enhance customer experience by making their products available online. However, they wanted to execute this transition in a simplified and productive manner so as not to adversely affect the customer experience in the quest to improve it.

Streamlining e-commerce integration for enhanced customer experience

The Solution

Harnessing next-gen technologies for digital transformation 

HCLTech studied the beauty company's market presence, business strategy, competitors and infrastructure to devise a comprehensive solution tailored to their unique requirements. The major aspects of the transformation journey include:

  • Integration platform migration: Shifting the integration platform from Tibco and webMethods to Boomi
  • ADvantage Boomi accelerators: Utilizing the ADvantage Boomi accelerators to expedite the deployment of interfaces and APIs, increasing operational efficiency and enhancing customer experience
  • Boomi iPaaS: Setting up Boomi iPaaS on cloud and migrating all 200+ interfaces to Boomi, ensuring scalability and flexibility
  • Real-time integrations: Integrating SKUs across geographical boundaries in real-time, improving responsiveness and agility
  • DevOps pipeline: Creating a DevOps pipeline for automated deployments, streamlining the development and deployment process
  • Supply chain simplification: Streamlining supply chain networks and operations and optimizing efficiency
  • Firewall error resolution: Addressing firewall errors encountered while connecting with source APIs by whitelisting APIs for uninterrupted communication

The Impact

Exploring a new horizon successfully with ecommerce 

HCLTech's technical expertise in enabling ecommerce for the women's beauty behemoth brought in significant benefits:

  • Up to 80% increase in asset utilization
  • 40% reduction in operational expenditure, resulting in significant cost savings
  • 35% faster go-to-market