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At HCLTech, we realize that cloud computing is a disruptive technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses work, whether it is with public or private cloud services. Our approach towards cloud computing, which is of great strategic interest for us, is centered on building and delivering competency and a domain-based set of service delivery models. Our cloud services have several layers, including Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service. Our portfolio of public and private cloud services includes:

Our portfolio of public and private cloud services includes: 

  • Cloud consulting and assessment: We help customers identify and assess opportunities to migrate to a cloud environment in order to derive business benefits. Our consulting services, Cloud Readiness Assessment and Migration Assessment, aid in the adoption of the right set of public or private cloud services systematically and profitably
  • Public and Private Cloud implementation and migration: We leverage our proven expertise and experience in fields such as infrastructure virtualization, application re-engineering, migration services, and data center hosting to enable migration of customers from existing environments to Public Cloud. Additionally, HCLTech provides Private Cloud Enablement services for customers, drawing up a roadmap for data center consolidation, SaaS enablement of products, and virtualization with our comprehensive private cloud services. We have been collaborating with leading ISVs for the SaaS enablement of their important products and make them multi-tenant and ready for the private cloud. HCLTech also provides product development services to ISVs in the IaaS/PaaS space
  • Cloud management operations: We have a substantial capability in cloud management operations with tools and processes such as AGORA, MTaaSTM, and Nimbo. HCLTech’s Cloud CoE offers the flexibility as well as the scalability to deploy experts. Customers can take advantage of HCLTech’s robust service delivery platform that offers effective service delivery in private cloud, public cloud, and federated clouds

We recognize the importance of providing domain applications (horizontal/vertical) on the cloud and are making investments in visualizing, building (on our own and with the help of partners), and offering new services on both private and public clouds. Building niche functional application areas in various industry verticals (and micro-verticals) to be delivered through the HCLTech cloud is now in focus