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Businesses on an application development modernization journey seek faster and more secure ways to containerize and migrate enterprise workloads from legacy, on-premises Cloud Foundry and Tanzu environments to support new cloud-native development. To help them avoid vendor lock-in, ensure the right enterprise level of support and gain the capabilities of Kubernetes, there is an opportunity to move Cloud Foundry, VMware Pivotal Cloud and VMware Tanzu customers to Red Hat OpenShift.

HCLTech's KMP is an automated software solution designed to help organizations migrate their existing applications and workloads to Red Hat OpenShift quickly and cost-effectively.

Why choose HCLTech's KMP?

Businesses looking to migrate their cloud-native applications require a well-conceived strategy, architecture and roadmap to determine the most appropriate applications and data to migrate to the cloud and accelerate modernization. HCLTech provides a full spectrum of services, from strategy to execution, to help clients transform existing applications, enabling quick realization of business outcomes.

Together with Red Hat, we help standardize across environments, develop cloud-native applications and integrate, automate, secure and manage complex systems.

HCLTech's solution offers strategic clarity through our KMP, empowering you to accelerate application modernization.

We have 2,000+ experts certified in Red Hat OpenShift.

HCLTech's Cloud Native Labs, located in Noida, Dallas (Texas) and London, are solely focused on delivering application modernization projects.

Our highly specialized and certified teams regularly conduct client assessments and workshops.

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