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This comprehensive report on technology trends 2022, is a must-read for all CXO’s and technology enthusiasts. These current technology trends can help chart out digital roadmaps and plan for digital transformations this year by leveraging the strength of ecosystems.

Over the last five years, ETO has been working tirelessly on elaborating how industries look at a changed world due to monumental impacts brought by continuous innovations in the tech ecosystem.

Tech Trends 2022 is backed by our proprietary research framework, encompassing discussions with VCs, leading technologists, and market leaders across geographies. These discussions are also accompanied by extensive secondary research done by examining various analysts’ reports, news mentions, investment trends, and podcasts from VCs.

This latest technology trends report also underlines the importance of ecosystem strategy, resulting in a collective and collaborative approach to building innovative solutions. This approach will not only ensure a faster go-to-market but also make the existing business models much stronger to face the impending threats of the future.

Tech Trends 2022 will help you understand

  • Key focus areas for bringing technology revolution in businesses
  • Changing perspectives and key technology drivers in a COVID-19 transformed world
  • How technology trends have matured over the last 5 years and their impact in 2022
  • Importance of Open Innovation Ecosystem strategy for a better future

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Being one of the primary movers of value creation in HCLTech, the Enterprise Technology Office (ETO), Office of CTO, challenges the status quo by constantly analyzing, innovating, and incubating. We strive to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through thought leadership. To achieve this unparalleled feat, the ETO continuously aims to acquire advantages in areas related to information, operation, business technologies, and their convergence.

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