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Connect Across Your Enterprise with ValueOps and Value Stream Management Solutions

Transform the journey of work from idea to value realization that fuels growth, reduces costs and creates customer value.

  • Transform tools, processes and culture with value stream management (VSM) and adopting agile ways of working
  • Create products and capabilities to manage disruptions – or create disruptions – through innovation
  • Empower teams for stronger collaboration with enriched insights to optimize communication and processes for driving better outcomes

Organizations trust our guidance for aligning around value to find the perfect balance between vision and objectives, funding, people, work and processes, products and services.

Connect Across Your Enterprise with ValueOps and Value Stream Management Solutions

Align on Value for Better Outcomes

We enable innovative ways of working, creating synergies and alignment across teams at all levels for better focus on key outcomes, and lean and agile practices across the entire value stream.

Connect work to outcomes

Create synergies and alignment across teams at all levels for improved focus on key outcomes

Accelerate transformation and outcomes

Define and align processes with the right technology solutions for a faster path to achieving transformation goals

Increase solution adoption

Chart a solution adoption roadmap to get the most from investments by including learning, enablement and coaching

Seamless PPM and Agile

Leverage the right combination of capabilities to get data for informed decisions with visibility and transparency across the enterprise


Power Transformation and Manage for Value

Connect work to outcomes with powerful solutions and frameworks to plan, manage and track resources and innovation initiatives in real time.


Accelerate transformation with strategic portfolio management, collaborative work management and digital product management to manage strategy, money, people, work and sustainability initiatives


Align teams for better decisions, transparency and focus with predictable and adaptable data-driven insights for better results

ValueOps ConnectALL

Extend the power of value streams with ValueOps ConnectALL and join existing tools for a single source of truth by connecting Clarity with Rally

Value stream management

Establish vision and goals, capture the current state of value flow and create optimization and adoption roadmaps including change management with VSM workshops, assessments and consulting


Accelerate Transformation to Capture More Value

Achieve better outcomes with services and technologies for building IT business management strategies, adopting modern ways of working and managing value streams.

Workshops and Assessments

Choose from a wide range of topics for interactive workshops that engage teams in strategy, transformation, implementations and practices or improve understanding of solution optimization with an affordable functional or technical assessment

Value Realization Roadmap (VRR) Workshop

Increase the business and technology value of your ITBM solution landscape with a solution-agnostic big picture view plus a roadmap for practical next steps


Achieve enhanced efficiency and outcomes by deploying capabilities to Identify value streams, manage lifecycle processes and investment planning and integrate with agile management

Digital Product Management Transformation

Shift to product-centric delivery with expert guidance transitioning to lean and scaled agile delivery flow and transforming portfolio and program operations to unlock innovation

Clarity SaaS Hosting

Improve ROI with enterprise-class managed Clarity SaaS, an end-to-end service including consulting, licensing, implementation, maintenance, adoption, automation and custom options


Leverage precise, effective and efficient processes to achieve migration goals for on-premises to cloud, Modern UX and product-centric approaches

Upgrade solutions

Gain value and performance by moving to the latest versions, as our experts conduct upgrade assessments to tailor an approach and guide your technical upgrade

Other Services

Build on your solution foundation with IT Business Management (ITBM) Modernization, Scaled Agile Transformation and services tailored to unique needs

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