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Propelling Real-Time, Proactive and Self-Healing Networks Through AI-Powered Automation

The network paradigm continues to shift, presenting businesses with unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

The complexity of managing the network stack increases exponentially as organizations integrate new users, devices and tools into their enterprise networks alongside the adoption of hybrid multicloud networks, IT-OT convergence and SD-WAN technology.

In light of these complexities, businesses are turning to network consulting and network assessment services to ensure the optimal performance and security of their network infrastructure.

A comprehensive network automation strategy is essential, extending throughout your network life cycle from day zero to day two, addressing the need for efficient .

Envisaging real-time, proactive and self-healing networks through AI-powered automation

Network automation for the ‘digital-first’ enterprise

HCLTech’s network automation approach based on AI/ML cognition delivers an automation solution that can be trusted to plan, design, validate, provision, manage, self-heal and optimize networks in an infinite virtuous cycle.


DRYiCE NetBot, the network automation module of DRYiCE iAutomate, is a runbook-based network automation offering that automates your entire network lifecycle, including change and configuration management, incident response, network troubleshooting and inventory management.


Related Capabilities

AI-enabled NetOps Automation

A network automation platform based on runbook automation with underlying AI/ML constructs. Enables network self-healing with one touch execution.

DAG-Enabled Troubleshooting

Intuitive, context-aware, and visual workflows help orchestrate real-time problem detection, remediation and optimization.

Cause Effect Mapping

An underlying inference engine that supports causal reasoning and knowledge authoring.

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