Plant WorkBlaze: IT-OT Convergence Journey

Fluid workplace solutions for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is grappling with IT and OT challenges due to Industry 4.0, but inconsistent technology development and industry standards create gaps. At HCLTech, we create smart, secure and scalable solutions to help manufacturers embrace the digital world seamlessly.

HCLTech Plant WorkBlaze is an AI-driven solution for IT-OT convergence, enhancing industrial environments by integrating people, processes and technology. It provides a unified view of operations, enabling agile production systems to meet market demands, forecast sales, reduce downtimes and prevent equipment breakdowns.


Digital dashboards

Providing a comprehensive view of plant IT and OT ecosystems, ongoing issues, root causes and resolution timelines to help prevent breakdowns and reduce downtimes

Unified management platform

Delivering consistent management capabilities for enterprise and plant IT equipment and applications across the managed organization

Persona-led approach

Customizing based on personas not only helps streamline the workspace for your end users, it also goes a long way in securing your enterprise data

Agile field support model

Promoting this through the use of augmented reality solutions and centralized teams of subject matter experts

Consolidated service management

Driving operational service efficiencies and streamlining problem management to reduce recurrence of known issues

Cost efficiencies

Reducing costs and elevating user experiences through reducing volume of necessary support service touchpoints for different issues


Plant WorkBlaze Framework

IT-OT convergence requires synergies between people, process and technology

People: Skills across spectrum

A single cross-skilled team to reduce dependency on multiple support touchpoints for different issues

Process: Platforms

Unified platform providing a global view of critical IT and OT data for effective production, streamlined operations and reduced downtimes

Service management

Uniform service management layer for centrally managing IT and OT ecosystems

Technology Automation

Automated remediation mechanism enabling pre-emptive maintenance of IT and OT systems

Augmented reality (AR)

Enabling Agile SME teams to support issues globally, leveraging AR solutions


Centrally deployed security upgrades and patches for IT and OT equipment across the plant

Solution Overview

Profile kaleidoscope

Persona-driven approach allows the right level of access to identified personas to provide a decluttered, customized environment for end-users

Preemptive maintenance

Leveraging alert management and historical data to predict failures and proactively rectify IT-OT issues

Augmented reality

Intelligent and streamlined on-field support using AR to deliver 3D work instructions and remote instructions for maintenance


Ensuring security patch and upgrade compliance for IT and OT systems by proactively monitoring and reporting any issues for timely resolution


An interactive governance model that engages users at different levels to drive strategic and tactical initiatives while managing a converged ecosystem

Unified endpoint management

Unified management of all devices across the plant and the enterprise to provide a holistic and real-time view of operations



  • Efficiently integrated IT and OT systems and standardized operations enable reduced costs
  • Increased productivity through proactive monitoring and process optimization
Digital continuity

Digital continuity

  • Efficient end-to-end management ensures transparent and traceable operations
  • Enhanced and automated digital manufacturing facilities help provide improved availability and operational efficiency
Governance and security control

Governance and security control

  • Unified governance model enables effective implementation of strategic and tactical production initiatives
  • The entire IT-OT ecosystem is centrally governed by a strict security management framework
Attractiveness and business development

Attractiveness and business development

  • Enhanced business branding by improved working conditions, eventually leading to better talent management
  • Investment of saved capital and gathered data for new business development initiatives
HCLTech Advantage

Plug and play

  • Real-time analytics, alert management
  • Real-time fault detection for plant IT issues
  • Ready-to-customize dashboards
  • Real-time industrial connectivity

Large partner ecosystem

  • PTC, Tibbo, Azure, Google, AWS
  • Single-window support
  • Cross-trained resources

Single pane

  • Multi-site management
  • Unified support window
  • Flexible dashboard for all managed systems

Flexible approach

  • Multi-protocol support
  • Flexible scale-out

Seamless integration

  • Cross-product integration
  • Enterprise-wide IT systems integration
  • OT applications integration


  • L1.5 IT-OT cross-skilled resources
  • Vertical-specific expertise
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