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Unprecedented disruptions continue to present challenges to many security teams as they manage a constant stream of rapid changes, and we understand the need for practical insights and tools to deliver results and immediate value. We are supporting our clients by offering our half-day data protection maturity workshop at no cost, as a personalized virtual event for you and your team.

Who should attend

DLP Workshop - Who should Attend
  • Invite up to 12 from Data Protection or DLP Technologies teams
  • Strategic Leaders
  • Operational Leaders
  • Key members from IT, Security, Compliance, Architecture teams

What to expect

DLP Workshop - What to Expect
  • Virtual and personalized half-day format
  • Interactive
  • Collaborate with high-level security practitioners and delivery experts

Request My Free Workshop

Request My Free Workshop

Workshop Highlights

Receive the same content and experience as our paid security workshops, at no cost when you reserve your date by June 30, 2021

Personalized virtual event

Action plan for mitigation based on your goals and concerns

Establish maturity baseline

Analyze and review of best practices across key areas: Program governance, Enterprise coverage, Policy coverage, Remediation, Security awareness, Metrics and Reporting

Deliverable for sharing your results

Valuable input for your data protection roadmap

Facilitated by expert practitioners from Symantec Global Consulting, who deploy these technologies every day

About the Symantec Global Consulting Team

The Symantec Global Consulting team, now part of Enterprise Studio by HCLTech, has decades of experience integrating and operationalizing Symantec solutions. We’ve worked with some of the largest and most complex security organizations in the world, and both a facilitator and delivery experts lead these workshops.

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About Enterprise Studio

Enterprise Studio by HCLTech is the leading provider for Broadcom and Symantec enterprise solutions. In addition, our team of agile transformation and DevOps consultants help enable the creation of adaptive organizations worldwide.

The Enterprise Studio team of seasoned technologists, coaches, and educators can help you make the connections between IT and business that optimize time and multiply value so you can realize the full potential of BizOps in your organization. Whether you’re an established Global 500 company or a new disruptive force in your industry, we can help you navigate complexities that come with competing in an inter-connected digital era.

We are a global solution provider and Tier 1 global value-added reseller of Broadcom CA Technologies and Symantec enterprise software.

Many of our experts at Enterprise Studio are from the former professional services units of CA Technologies and Symantec. For decades, our teams have supported and help lead organizations to innovation using powerful enterprise software solutions, critical technologies and cutting-edge methodologies – from business and agile management to security, DevOps, AIOps, and automation.