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Digital Workplace Services Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


DWP Situation Among COVID-19

The Situation

With the vaccine drive in full swing, and cases of COVID-19 dropping, some regions felt a wave of optimism. With a surge in online businesses, ease in travel restrictions, and employees embracing a hybrid culture—things were looking bright. Then the Delta variant came to the fore and the short-lived relief reverted into the earlier disappointment. It’s now become a way of life for people, organizations, and industries alike.

The transition to normalcy still appears afar. Organizations, governments, and communities are responding through unprecedented public health and economic measures. However, the risk of the emergence of a significant new variant is a possibility everyone must consider in their preparedness. A more realistic endpoint still evades us, and managing the present situation remains a priority.

The topmost priority for any business should be to protect the health and safety of the workforce. This calls for rapid and well-informed decisions to ensure the same.

Digital Workplace - Impact

The Impact

With the COVID-19 outbreak peaking in some parts of the world and the WHO recognizing that the pandemic is only accelerating, delayed decisions will end up hurting long-term business goals. This represents a very rare challenge where businesses need to start assessing their readiness to accommodate the new ways of working.

Most of the workforce, barring the ones providing essential services, suddenly find themselves confined to their homes and businesses are scrambling to enable telecommuting. For people who never expected to be in this state or who have no experience of working from home, this is a huge change to accommodate at a very short notice. The way we work and engage is bound to be fundamentally altered.

The time to act is NOW.

Drastic situations call for drastic measures.

Digital Workplace - Action

The Action

At HCLTech Digital Workplace Services, it is our responsibility to make sure that we constantly help our customers overcome the challenges posed, irrespective of their magnitude.

We are helping organizations establish business continuity and assess and scale their existing remote working capabilities at pace.

This includes setting up rapid action teams that are responsible for consulting, planning, and implementing solutions swiftly.

The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for organizations who were transitioning towards a Fluid Digital Workplace.

The purpose of this POV is to address the challenges being faced by enterprises in the current scenario and help them adapt and swiftly respond to minimize business disruption.

HCLTech Fluid Workplace

Adaptive | Scalable | Connected

Remote Productivity & Solution Pack

Enabling businesses to meet the challenges of Remote Working in Uncertain Times with Business-driven Consultancy & End-to-End Fluid Workplace Solutions that help Retain Productivity, Ensure Security, Deliver Equitable Experience & enable Social Distancing

Remote Working Readiness Assessment and Consultancy

Remote Working Readiness Assessment and Consultancy

Virtual Workspace

Remote Collaboration

Remote Friendly Support & Guidance

Remote UX Monitoring

Device Enablement

Compassionate Change Management

Adaptive Security
Secured Software Defined Network


Precise | Secure | Dependable

Precision focused contactless workplace solutions to bring your essential workforce back to the workplace


Body Temperature Screening

DISTSense - Social Distancing Enablement

Social Distancing Enablement

VISIONSense - Face Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection

QUEUESense - Digital Queueing System

Digital Queueing System

OCCUSense - Occupancy Management

Occupancy Management

WORKSense - Contactless Workplace

Contactless Workplace

Solutions that secure the workforce health and safety across all interfaces

Digital Workplace Smart Framework

Smart IT

Smart IT

Dish out Superior UX at Every Touch Point

Leverage the power of big data analytics to enable predictive support, continuous authentication, and delivery of hyper-contextualized support and services

Smart Machines

Smart Machines

Adopt and Enable Smart Devices

Leverage the power of automation to enable self-sense, self-healing, and smart mobility

Smart Users

Smart Users

Empower Users with Efficient Solutions

Leverage the power of cognitive AI to enable virtual personal assistants, peer-to-peer support, and instant delivery of solutions

Smart Spaces

Smart Spaces

IoT-powered Smart Physical Spaces

Leverage the power of IoT and AR/VR to enable smart immersive collaboration, remote guidance, health and wellness, and asset monitoring

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