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HCLTech’s Accessibility-as-a-Service (AcaaS)
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Enabling Enterprises to Build Products Accessible to All

We embrace accessibility as a fundamental right and strive to ignite change through our solutions and technologies, empowering individuals of all abilities, fostering inclusion and enabling contribution to a more equitable and diverse society.

To create an inclusive world, it is imperative to have robust technologies that benefit everyone. HCLTech is committed to this and is partnering with leading companies across the globe from diverse industry groups to make the world more inclusive.

Enabling Enterprises to Build Products Accessible to All

HCLTech Accessibility Services

In response to the rising awareness and demands of accessibility, organizations face a crucial need to align with these. HCLTech steps forward as a reliable partner, delivering to ensure our clients meet these evolving demands.

Accessibility in design

Review feature designs and annotate Figma files. Find issues before they become bugs.

Coaching and empathy sessions

Our certified SMEs, architects, consultants and developers can provide coaching, office hours and personal insight. Education to build accessibility into the products.

Assessments against international, national and corporate standards

Identify bugs using your required standards (WCAG 2.2 A/AA, Section 508, EN301 549, RGAA and more). Provides order and clarity, while helping you be proactive against regulations.


Suggested fixes, code snippets and code examples to educate your developers, enabling them to prevent accessibility bugs in the future.

VPAT as a Service (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template)

Helps in filing Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) based on Volunteer Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

Sustenance and new feature testing

Maintain accessibility compliance using pre-release tests with weekly or monthly testing.

Usability studies

Elevate user-centric design with our accessibility usability study led by people with disabilities, creating digital solutions that resonate with diverse audiences

PWD assistive technology assessments

True lived-experience analysis performed by individuals with disabilities enhances the user experience, taking your products to the next level of accessibility.

Document accessibility

Document accessibility issues are identified and fixed by experts. The document includes PPT, PDF, MS Word documents, ePUB and others.

Accessibility support desk

Assists in setting up a help desk to support both internal and external users with disabilities, enabling the creation of incidents and maintenance of up-to-date conformance reports.


Related Capabilities

AUX platform

Web Accessibility Platform which automates ~ 40% Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


Single view of compliance status for all digital properties

Data analytics dashboard

Analytics-driven insights and trends for enhanced decision-making

UNISON - HCLTech’s crowdsourcing platform

Captures diverse PWDs feedback

Remediation chatbot

Provides developers ready reference for a wide range of defect fixes

File validator

Reports accessibility violation for multiple file formats (HTML, CSS, RSS, DITA, Outlook, Word documents and images)

eDat automation

Automation of hardware accessibility

CoForce Accessibility Testing Suite

Generative AI solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency across multiple spectrums CTA: Reach out to us for a free Proof Of Concept (form)

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