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The new normal has highlighted the resiliency of manufacturing plant layout to rapidly adapt to unprecedented disruptions in supply chains, uncertainties in the availability of skilled manpower, and machine hours. This has resulted in an urgency for manufacturing plant operations to be agile in every aspect - from manufacturing process planning, equipment and fixture reuse, resource skill redeployment, to flexible manufacturing lines that enable response to change.

With multiple product variants and fluctuating demand, plants must constantly reconfigure their machine setup for layout changes and tooling in assembly stations while maintaining production throughput and managing order fulfillment. At the same time, all work areas, production lines, material storage facilities, etc,. should be designed to perform to the highest rate and achieve the shortest cycle time.

Today’s manufacturing plant operations has 100’s of KPIs for various departments that needs to be addressed to achieve overall plant success. New technology inflow is so fast that plants must adopt technology on the go without disturbing current production. Hence the overall manufacturing engineering design of the plant layout needs to be agile and ready to accept any change.

HCLTech’s Agile Plant Engineering services are designed to cater to the needs of green field and brown field plants. HCLTech offers integrated manufacturing engineering services covering process planning, flexible plant system, 3D plant, pilot product manufacturing, pre-production and fully productionized to latest manufacturing techniques.


Connected Design

Plant Layout and Plant Modelling

2D/3D layout, piping and ducting layout, layout optimization, installation, BOM creation, and 3D object library creation.

Connected Manufacturing

Plant Simulation

Plant simulation through various scenarios as per business needs and suggest best scenarios.

Connected Products and Services

Plant Optimization

Integrated approach for effectively using all resources for achieving KPIs with highest quality product in least possible time and cost, while ensuring safety.

Connected Products and Services

Material Flow Management

Support in material flow management through inbound, in-plant, and outbound logistics techniques.

Connected Products and Services


Warehouse to point of usage, every part needs exact plan for which HCLTech does PFEP (Plan for Every Part).

Connected Products and Services

Factory Automation

Vision based, unmanned industrial automation for various controllers, robots, and cobots.


Remote Plant Efficiency
Remote Plant Efficiency Improvement
  • Helps achieve certain plant KPIs with least physical involvement in plant operations.
  • Accurate and timely availability of Plan for Every Part (PFEP) customizable to specific plant and product and its variants.
Plant Capacity Design for
Flexible Production
Plant Capacity Design for Flexible Production
  • Helps plan for flexible production for region, season, product, variants, customer base, and business purpose.