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Accelerating the Transition of Enterprise Operations to Cloud

PLM and engineering enabling software are evolving and becoming more complex, so enterprises are turning to cloud-based solutions to address their needs. By leveraging the benefits of cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), they are finding it easier and more effective to manage their product lifecycle processes.

Cloud-first strategies are becoming common, but enterprises still struggle to integrate and support the heterogenous mix of applications required for their product R&D.

Accelerating the Transition of Enterprise Operations to Cloud

Realize Your Journey to the Cloud with Our Industry-leading Solutions

xLMCloud service catalog of industry solutions provides the right mix of services to help enterprises plan the best cloud strategy for their business and enable cloud transformation.

Remote and flexi work enablement

Reduced total cost of ownership

Cloud data security and compliance

Stepwise migration approach

Modular and flexible services approach


CAx – PLM cloud transformation

Cloud consulting

Assistance to enterprises through cloud readiness assessment, gap analysis, transformation roadmap and workloads definition

Cloud transformation

End-to-end transformation including apps integration, DevOps tooling and implementation and program governance

Cloud operations

Ownership of operations through apps and cloud administration, operational intelligence, change and release management

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