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XR Adoption

Accelerating XR adoption and
lifecycle management for Enterprises

XR or extended reality is quickly becoming a critical component of enterprise digital transformation charter. XR can help enterprises reimagine their consumer experiences, transform workforce engagement, optimize training and operations, and enhance product innovation to create a digital extension for an end-to-end enterprise Metaverse experience.

However, adopting XR on a large scale comes with long development time, high deployment cost as well as security, skill and privacy challenges. With XTERN Service Delivery Platform (SDP), we are poised to tackle these challenges head-on and help enterprises unlock the full potential of extended reality.

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Engineering to Experience Services


Through our integrated modules, we provide end-to-end support for enterprises at each stage of their XR adoption journey

XR Consulting

XR Consulting

Includes consulting on XR strategy and roadmap along with conception of custom XR experiences to meet enterprise needs. We also offer support for UX and Architecture development (Providing a comprehensive XR strategy, Architecture, ROI Analysis)

Content Authoring

Content Authoring

Comprises of 3D model creation and optimization for XR. Advanced animation sequences for a more realistic experience and plant/building design are also included.

XR Development

XR Development

Includes the XR experience development along with integration to any back-end system for content management

XR Management

XR Management

Includes XR device management, dynamic content update of XR experiences, and overall sustenance support for enterprises

XTERN SDP Accelerators

XTERN SDP Applications

XR technology is industry agnostic and there are multiple applications which can be developed for manufacturing, medical, automotive, oil and gas, and several other industries.

Through our portfolio of industry-ready solution accelerators and plug-ins, we enable acceleration and industrialization of seamless and custom XR experiences/applications across leading XR, iOS and Android devices, for diverse industry verticals.

  • Concept visualization
  • Concept review
  • Collaborative design
  • AR assembly instructions & guidance
  • XR training and guidance for technicians
  • Digital twin visualization – Real-time insights on Equipment/ Operation quality control
  • Smart logistics and AR-Navigation app
  • XR training for material handling and logistics
  • Customer engagement and product visualization platform
  • Product configurator
  • Virtual space tour
  • Smart services and remote maintenance assistance
  • XR training for field technicians
  • Remote service & customer support

Get the XTERN SDP Advantage

Optimize XR development lifecycle

The low code/no code features of XTERN SDP helps enterprises accelerate the end-to-end XR development life-cycle and achieve up to 50% reduction in effort, time and cost

Fast-track adoption rate for custom XR experiences

Enterprises can leverage XTERN SDP's frameworks as well as comprehensive and flexible platforms to accelerate the adoption of custom XR solutions by up to 2X and earn significant competitive advantages.

Deliver Seamless XR Experience

Our integrated platform for XR experience development helps create a smoother, consistent and more value-driven experiences to meet the demands of today’s customers

Drive Sustainable Business Goals

We enable enterprises meet and achieve critical UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as "Responsible Consumption and Production" and "Climate Action," by helping them reduce the overall resource consumption and net carbon footprint in their daily operations.

Analyst Recognitions

Leader In Avasant AR/VR/XR Services 2022 RadarView™

Leader In Everest Group’s Digital Twin Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022

Leader In Everest Group’s Digital Product Engineering Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022



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