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We at HCLTech, believe that 5G is going to be a lot more than just the next wave in mobile technology. It reflects a profound change in the way corporations and organizations will function in the years to come.

In addition to the obvious latency benefits and tremendous gains in speed and bandwidth, 5G would offer fluidity and last-mile connectivity, becoming the universal and all-pervasive glue across industries to unify and overcome some of the world's greatest connectivity challenges.

HCLTech is participating at GSMA Thrive North America 2020 as an Exhibitor, to help you take your business to the next level. As a leading Engineering and R&D company with years of experience in transforming businesses, we invite you for a meeting to discuss our latest 5G and connectivity solutions and services.

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Oran adoption and engineering imperatives in 5G

We at HCLTech, believe that 5G is going to be a lot more than just the next wave in mobile technology. It reflects a profound change in the way corporations and organizations will function in the years to come.

As the promises for 5G - GBs of download speed, microseconds in latency, millions of connected devices per square mile, ‘six-nines’ in availability, energy efficiency, extension of services to new enterprises especially Industrial and IOT markets are becoming closer to reality with each passing day, enterprises around the world have moved on to research and development of 5G applications for their day-to-day activities which will benefit business.

O-RAN or Open-Radio Access Network is a novel approach to disaggregate the RAN both horizontally and vertically. This slicing-and-dicing has enabled newer players such as silicon vendors and cloud computing platform providers to innovate along with the incumbents. To move the technology vector towards self-driving cars, remote surgery or smart-farming, O-RAN promises to accelerate innovation cycles for the incumbents, encourage greenfield investment by new players and provide an opportunity space for engineering services such as interoperability, conformance, verification and orchestration.

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Panel speakers

Ameer Saithu
Name: Ameer Saithu
Designation: Senior Vice President, Engineering Services, HCLTech
Bio: Ameer is responsible for Engineering Services (ERS) business in Semi-Equipment, Semi-conductor, OEMs and Telecom Service Providers.
Akshat Vaid
Name: Akshat Vaid
Designation: Vice President, Engineering Services, Everest Group
Bio: Akshat Vaid leads Engineering Services research and advisory at Everest Group across industry verticals, such as automotive, software products and internet, semiconductor, media and entertainment, consumer electronics, and telecom and medical devices, as well as across horizontals, including verification and validation (V&V) and industry 4.0. He assists global enterprises on a variety of initiatives across engineering, technology, outsourcing, and ecosystem engagement. He also works with global engineering service providers on business growth strategy, competitiveness, and differentiation.

Prior to Everest Group, he worked at Zinnov, where he advised global engineering and digital services majors on business strategy and GTM.

Franz Seiser
Name: Franz Seiser
Designation: Vice President, Access Disaggregation, Core Network & PaaS, Deutsche Telekom AG
Bio: Franz is Vice President “Core Network & PaaS” and lead for “Access Disaggregation” at Deutsche Telekom Group’s “Technology Architecture and Innovation” unit. In his role he is in charge to drive the development of innovative, flexible and efficient network architectures for DT, covering both fixed and mobile networks.

In addition, Franz is leading the “cloud and services” domain within the Technology Architecture division of DT’s German operation, Telekom Deutschland.

Susan James
Name: Susan James
Designation: Senior Director, Telecommunications Strategy, Redhat
Bio: Susan James is senior director of telecommunications strategy at Red Hat. She is a senior leader in the telecommunications industry and is currently driving technology introductions to mass market deployment. A strategic systems thinker, she has extensive experience with Cloud and has worked on a range of network functions and virtualization platforms in recent years. Her product management expertise is derived from a career-long focus on developing products to address technology transitions and the establishment of new business areas.
Bharath Krishnaswamy
Name: Bryan Beal
Designation: Senior Director, Strategy and Innovation - Telco and Edge Cloud Group, VMWare
Bio: Bryan has a 20+ year career in Software and Telecommunications and currently leads Strategy, Solution Innovation and the customer-facing Solution Architecture teams in the Telco and Edge Cloud business unit at VMware, which is focused on helping customers build the next generation of 5G, Edge, MEC, NFV, and RAN architectures. He has been a keynote speaker and panelist numerous times at events like Mobile World Congress, VMworld, NFV World Congress, SDN Summit, Bloomberg CIO Forum, and many more.
Name: Kin-Yip-Liu
Designation: Senior Director Applications Engineering – 5G Strategy and Solution Development, AMD
Bio: Kin-Yip Liu is Senior Director of Applications Engineering at AMD. He leads AMD’s 5G strategy and solutions development. Kin-Yip is a senior technology leader with 20+ years’ experience working on processor architecture, performance analysis, and memory technologies. He focuses on 5G/LTE mobile infrastructure, edge computing, NFV and security applications. He has led R&D organizations at Intel, and solutions architecture organizations at Cavium, Marvell and AMD to deliver high quality results on time and to earn trust from customers.

Solution Showcase

Private network
HCLTech private-network-as-a-service provides infrastructures and managed services to service providers and with telecom vendors. HCLTech has created three private network kits deployment depending on enterprise size, endpoints scale, traffic volume, and cost. The goal of designing the three kits is to reduce the time to deploy and operate private network infrastructure. With 12+ industry experience & 15+ deployable enterprise use cases, HCLTech can reduce the sales cycle and increase operators and other private network solution providers' revenue potential.
5G dynamic network slice management
For operators, HCLTech offers dynamic network slice, hybrid-cloud telco network functions deployment, and network functions lifecycle automation solutions. HCLTech 5G dynamic network slice solution is created agnostic to the vendors' core and RAN to maximize the adoption and reusability. HCLTech intends to engage operators with its network slice as a solution provider to address various enterprise needs of latency, throughput, and performance. HCLTech digital platform can create a network-as-a-service offering for operators with its existing infrastructure.
Intelligent ORAN
HCLTech ORAN program enables the telecom vendor to be ready with multi-vendors O-RUs (Radio Units) in compliance with ORAN Alliance specifications and 5G performance expectations through its ORAN RU lab and test automation platform. HCLTech ORAN RIC (Radio Intelligent Controller) program accelerates the adoption and deployment of ORAN components with a focus to contribute to orchestration and analytic use cases.
HCLTech cSON is a suite of leading multi-vendor multi-technology (MVMT) Self-Organizing Network (SON) solutions. This is a powerful platform that uses machine learning and a set of applications that automates the Radio Access Network (RAN). The HCLTech cSON replaces complexity with simplicity. It transforms your network into an elastic, intelligent infrastructure that empowers you to run your RAN automatically, dynamically, and in real time. With a single connection to the core and one to the OSS, the HCLTech cSON can helps in:
  • Reduce drop-call rates by up to 30%
  • Increase data capacity by up to 20%
  • Add new sites in hours without disrupting normal operations
  • Reduce operating and capital expenditures by saving on engineering and power resources
  • Postpone network expansion by better utilizing spectrum and equipment
  • Enable the launch of new services such as NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) and fast deployment of new 5G cells
  • Broaden your choice of vendors to help drive down costs
HCLTech iCE.X (Intelligent Connected Experience) is a cloud-ready, carrier-grade intelligent Device Management Platform that can manage millions of diverse devices on a single platform. It gives you the ability to manage the complete life cycle of devices while providing the operational capabilities to efficiently optimize the end-user experience.

HCLTech offers an array of Smart, Secure, and Scalable products to enhance your customer experience in the connected world. These solutions cut across Voice, Data, Video, Mobility, and IoT segments.