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HCL@Mobile World Congress 2019


Mobile World Congress, Barcelona is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry. The conference program will provide an in-depth coverage of the current and future mobile industry, highlighting specific areas of growth as well as the latest technological developments, next generation services and growth strategies. HCLTech is participating at the event to demonstrate its state-of-the-art engineering solutions targeted towards telecom OEMs, TSPs, online and semichip companies.

The solutions span across a wide range of areas such as SDN, NFV, IoT, wireless, analytics etc. Visitors at the event shall get the opportunity to talk to HCLTech Subject Matter Experts as well as business leaders to understand our offerings and make the best use of them. Visit us at Chalet no 2H40 in Hall 2

Solution Demos

Mode 1: Agile Services
The adoption of new technologies is key to keeping existing products and services relevant. HCLTech provides a sharp focus on the most powerful differentiators through the suite of software network virtualization including solutions such as 5G mobile networks back-hauling, network slicing, orchestration and many more and allows enterprises to sustain a leadership position as well as gain market share.
Mode 2: Experience Centric Services
With many inflection points creating high growth business opportunities, making strategic investments to capitalize on the same is the key. HCLTech’s Applied AI, Analytics, IoT and cloud native solutions power organizations to accelerate and develop new offerings in exciting new areas of leadership.
Mode 3: Innovative IP Partnerships
The formation of ecosystems is evident across the value chain. Thus, rather than a ground-up approach, building innovative alliances within an ecosystem of strategic partners in needed. HCLTech with its wide array of new-age IPs on connected device management, secure embeddable database and many more helps connects the dots between existing strengths and the shifting canvas in which to operate to stay ahead in the future.

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Panel Discussion

Beyond Trials: Embedding Industry 4.0 in Corporate Culture & Operations

Wednesday 14.45 – 15.45

Sukamal Banerjee, Corporate Vice President - ERS Sales (Hi Tech & Comm) and Head - IoT WoRKS

There have been a huge number of (successful) tests and trials of technologies such as AI, IoT and 5G in large organisations but relatively few companies so far have managed to translate those lessons into the wider business and capitalised on the gains possible. It’s not too surprising: Implementing a technology trial is much simpler and less risky than altering a company’s mindset and activities, and the price of failure is that much less.

This session shares the experiences and lessons learnt from companies that are making this transition, to look at how different approaches to becoming an intelligently connected company can help produce significant results.