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HCLTech is a Proud Sponsor at IDC Future of Work & AI Summit 2024

We are thrilled to announce that HCLTech will be participating as Platinum Sponsor at the upcoming IDC Future of Work & AI Summit 2024. This 3-day event will bring together leaders and innovators in the industry to explore the latest trends and advancements in the realm of AI and the future of work.

As Platinum Sponsors, we will be at the forefront of discussions, networking and knowledge sharing. This presents an excellent opportunity for us to strengthen our industry presence, forge new partnerships and showcase our cutting-edge solutions.

Digital: Fueling the Next Era in Aerospace and Defense

Augmenting Human Potential with Fluid Workplace

Step into the future of work with the HCLTech Fluid Workplace, where we are dedicated to optimizing human potential with inclusive and sustainable workplaces. We bring together a human-centric approach and generative AI technologies to enhance collaboration and engagement for both desk and frontline workers. Our approach focuses on crafting persona-based workplaces that deliver stellar employee experiences while ensuring both higher productivity and improved employee wellbeing and work-life balance. Our commitment to innovation transforms workplaces into dynamic ecosystems that empower progress, placing individuals at the forefront of collaboration and creativity.

Join us at the event and discover how we are supercharging workplace transformation for organizations with a humanized approach and an enterprise-wide collaboration mindset.

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