ISG Future Workplace Summit 2023 | HCLTech
The Digital Path Forward


We are delighted to share that HCLTech is a Diamond sponsor at the ISG Future Workplace Summit 2023. This conference will enable us to showcase our Fluid workplace capabilities through a Leading General Session Presentation.

The hybrid working model offers an opportunity to reduce carbon consumption by providing employees with the tools and resources they require to be more productive. However, IT leaders must define objectives and set benchmarks to create a sustainable and flexible workplace that benefits employers, employees, and the environment. Enterprises need to rethink how work gets done and forge the path to a sustainable future of work.

Speaker Section

Time: 9:35 AM EST March 16, 2023

Designing the future of work – Experience, Sustainability, and Dexterity.

Dynamic economic environment, new patterns of work, changing labor market, and increasing employee expectations - the workplace is going through a transformation. At the same time, the workplaces of the future demand a balancing act to manage both employee expectations and business outcomes.

A new approach is needed that fosters collaboration, community, communication, and long-term trust. Sustainable workplace models blend enterprise vision and policies with socio-economic and environmental responsibilities while enabling a productive work environment for everyone. Join us for a discussion on cultivating an experiential, sustainable, and digitally dexterous workplace.

Join us for Leading General Presentation to know more about:

  • The principles of employee experience, enablement, and sentiment
  • Business and social benefits of deploying sustainable infrastructure in the pursuit of becoming carbon neutral
  • How to strike a balance between enterprise sustainability and profitability while protecting the safety, health, and welfare of the organization’s most vital resource – its people
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Rakshit Ghura

Senior Vice President & Global Head,
Digital Workplace Services, HCLTech

Rakshit heads the Fluid Workplace Practice at HCLTech and runs the organizational capability unit for Digital Workplace Services. In his role, he is responsible for defining, incubating, and creating the product roadmap, strategy, and offerings around Digital workplace, Mobility, Automation, Workplace Analytics, Employee Experience, and Collaboration. He has co-created and co-led multiple HCLTech digital workplace service offerings and IPs such as Kaleidoscope™, WorkBlaze™, Optibot, IntellizoneTM, etc. Rakshit is currently advising multiple clients and prospects to embrace their Digital workplace journey.

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Democratize your metaverse investments with HCLTech Virtuality

Join us to see how Metaverse opens the doors to exciting possibilities and immersive experiences by seamlessly bridging the physical and the virtual world.

Virtuality is an easy-to-use, install-and-play application that can be run on any device with zero dependence on expensive VR headsets. The application leverages SSO-based secure access to help enterprises stay on top of their security. It supports various content formats, including images, videos, screen share, documents, PPTs, and more. The application allows users to host their virtual meets as they want, with just one-click customizations.

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