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MWC Barcelona 2022


As the promises of 5G come closer to reality with each passing day – faster download speeds, latency of just microseconds, millions of connected devices per square mile, energy efficiency, and extension of services to new enterprises – organizations around the world have moved on to research and development of 5G use cases for their businesses.

We, at HCLTech, are prepared for this challenge. Our ecosystem driven strategy enables businesses to take advantage of the best resources, knowledge, and technologies available in the market, while our 5G offerings allow enterprises to reap the benefits of 5G.

HCLTech is participating at MWC Barcelona 2022, to assist you in making your business grow and expand to the next level. We invite you to visit our Booth No 2E30, in Hall 2 to see our latest 5G connectivity solutions around 5G services and products from our telecom suite.

Products and Solutions Showcased

HCLTech Augmented Network Automation, Next Generation SON
The HCLTech Augmented Network Automation (ANA) Platform takes Self-Organizing Networks (SON) to the next generation with a closed-loop network automation environment that supports multi-vendor, multi-technology deployments. HCLTech ANA automates wireless network configuration with hands-free corrections of network anomalies, thereby driving faster time to market of new wireless services and 4G/5G cell networks.

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The HCLTech SMARTWiFi Platform delivers a WiFi 6 cloud solution for Communications Services Providers (CSP) and Managed Services providers (MSP) to centrally manage access points across large scale deployments with multiple sites. With secure, robust connectivity and a superior WiFi management experience, it allows bulk configuration of access points and provides near real -time reporting.

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HCLTech iCE.X (Intelligent Connected Experience) – is a smart, secure, and scalable platform to enhance customer experiences in the connected world. It is a cloud-ready, carrier-grade, vendor agnostic intelligent device management platform that manages millions of diverse devices using TR-069 and other Smart Home protocols. The iCE.x platform manages the complete life cycle of devices while providing the operational capabilities to efficiently optimize the end-user experience.

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Network Slicing
HCLTech Network Slice Manager solution accelerator helps CSPs / Enterprises to Create 5G core network slices as per 3GPP specifications and manage them. The feature includes allocation of resources, activation of the network slices namely eMBB, URLLC and mMTC and manage the activated network slices. Presently the solution leverages the Free 5G Core component. The accelerator can be integrated with Third Party Network slice managers and Service orchestrators as well as ONAP.

Predictive Analytics for Cell load Management
HCLTech Predictive analytics solution accelerator for cell load management. The home grown AI / ML algorithm is leveraged to monitor and gather network KPI data in the near real time and based on the network conditions and the historical data, predicts the load on the individual cells of a gNODE B, suggests the cell clustering to handle the increased load in a particular cell. In addition, it predicts the traffic pattern and path that helps the network operations team to proactively address the cellsite overload conditions.

Digital Security & Surveillance
The demo showcases the value of what Computer Vision, 5G Edge offering can bring to multiple verticals. Current use case augments the video surveillance with crowd management (people count) capability. This also illustrates how routing past the SIM in 5G can be addressed without the need for expensive IoT GW or complex solutions using Radius based solution (Framed Route AVP). The extended solution has weapon detection, license plate recognition, vehicle count, and has been extensively deployed in Mexico City and reduced crime rate by as much as 40%.

As the world is gearing up to combat COVID, organizations need to develop holistic approach to manage health risks and rethink workplace and enterprise safety. HCLTech UNLOCSafe offering allows organizations to re-boot operations and safety to ensure people's health is not at risk via biometric capabilities with body temperature scan and mask detection solution showcased in this demo. The extended capability enabled social distancing, crowding, and sentiment detection. The solution can be deployed in enterprises, offices, and indoor facilities alike.

HCLTech TURBO-5G is an intelligent Test Automation and Assurance Platform suitable for NF Validation/Certification and E2E Network Test automation for 5G networks. TURBO-5G is a fully integrated CI, CD and CT solution deployable in Bare Metal, Virtualized and containerized forms in CSP, Enterprise and OEM environments. With its Keyword based, Zero-touch and KPI Metrics driven test engineering approach, it covers Conformance, E2E and Load testing of RAN and Core Network nodes both from network and devices perspective. It has iLA (Intelligent Log Analyzer) for anomaly detection and AI/ML based Test insights as clear differentiators.

Cloud Factory for Chip Design
HCLTech EDA Cloud Solution harnesses the power, flexibility and reliability of cloud infrastructures to vastly improve and reduce the Semiconductor Chip development and verification process. Hybrid cloud/on-premise and native cloud infrastructures are supported across the entire Chip design cycle with optimized price/performance to meet the most stringent design requirements.