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MWC LA 2021


As the promises of 5G come closer to reality with each passing day – faster download speeds, microseconds of latency, millions of connected devices per square mile, energy efficiency, and extension of services to new enterprises - enterprises around the world have moved on to research and development of 5G use cases for their businesses. 

We, at HCLTech are prepared for this challenge. Our ecosystem driven strategy enables businesses to take advantage of the best resources, knowledge, and technologies available in the market, while our 5G offerings allow enterprises to reap the benefits of 5G, by fast-tracking Hyper Automation and creating Hybrid Networks.

HCLTech is participating at MWC Los Angeles 2021 as an exhibitor, to assist you in taking your business to the next level. We invite you to visit our Booth No 1448 to see our latest 5G and connectivity solutions and services as part of our mission to "Enable a 5G Ready World." 

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Robust networks are crucial to the success of enterprises undergoing digital transformation to stay ahead of the curve. 5G allows mobile service providers to offer superior end-user experiences to organizations and individuals alike. CSPs can leapfrog competitors and unleash the full promise of the next generation of mobile networks by leveraging 5G's ultra-low latency, real-time connection, greatly enhanced capacity and blisteringly fast speed.

Monetization of 5G is dependent on enterprises adopting it in public/private forms. Enterprises may currently not have the ability to embark on the 5G journey. For some enterprises, the investment required may be a blocker in the short term. Enterprises will need help from specialists in identifying stacks and use cases, setting up networks while paying heed to spectrum considerations, providing applications on top of the network for specific use-cases, managing network and application services, all the while managing costs.

Domain specific service providers are the next step in the journey of providing state-of-the-art customer experience, thus accelerating 5G monetization. 

Come, join our panel of leading industry experts at LACC, Los Angeles to explore the ever changing technology landscape. 


Panel Discussion: “Future of 5G: Domain Specific Service Providers”
Panel Moderator: HCLTech Leadership
Venue : 404, Concourse Meeting Room
Day/Date: Wednesday, October 27th, 2021
Time: 14:00 to 15:00, PDT


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Panel speakers

Anand Oswal

Anand Oswal - Senior Vice President and General Manager, Palo Alto Networks

Anand Oswal serves as Senior Vice President and General Manager at cyber security leader Palo Alto Networks where he leads the company’s Firewall as a Platform efforts.
Prior to this he was Senior Vice President of Engineering for Cisco’s Intent-Based Networking Group where he was responsible for building the entire set of platforms, from switching, wireless and routing to IoT and cloud services, that make up Cisco’s extensive enterprise networking portfolio. Anand joined Cisco in 2009 via the acquisition of Starent Networks, a leader in mobile packet core gateways. He also led teams at Redback networks, Cisco’s Mobile Wireless Group and Sun Microsystems.

Raj Yavatkar

Raj Yavatkar - CTO, Juniper Networks

In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Raj Yavatkar is responsible for charting Juniper's technology strategy. He leads and executes the company’s critical innovations and products for intelligent self-driving networks, security, Mobile Edge Cloud, network virtualization, packet-optical integration, and hybrid cloud.
Before joining Juniper, Raj was at Google (GCP), where he led a large team of engineers to deliver cloud networking infrastructure solutions for Google Cloud customers. Prior to that at VMware, he ideated a new product concept to address the private/hybrid cloud markets by defining VMware Cloud Foundation—an easy way to deploy and manage virtual clouds—leading a large product team to successfully deliver product to market. He started his career at Intel becoming an Intel Fellow, the highest technical position that he held for 10 years. During his various leadership roles there, Raj was responsible for driving new product and R&D initiatives in many areas of software.

Ameer Saithu

Ameer Saithu – Senior Vice President, Engineering Services, HCLTech

Ameer is senior vice president and global head for Semiconductor, Storage, Telecom Service Providers and Telcom OEM Sales for the Engineering and R&D Services business at HCLTech.
With more than 25+ years of experience spanning continents and multiple roles, Ameer has developed an expertise across sales and practice leadership, strategy formulation, technology enabled transformation, global sourcing, product engineering, internet of things, automation and information technology

Ashwin Moranganti

Ashwin Moranganti – Partner PM, 5G Strategy, Affirmed Networks, a Microsoft Company

Ashwin Moranganti is a successful senior executive with over 18 years of experience in product marketing, management, and strategy. He has successfully led the journey of eight products from concept to market, resulting in over one billion dollars in revenue. Ashwin has been a key contributor in both large enterprises such as Cisco, Ascend, and Lucent, and several startups such as BigBand, PeerApp, Ineoquest, and SevOne that resulted in one IPO and three successful acquisitions. Ashwin has a master’s degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University.

Yongbin Wei

Dr. Yongbin Wei - Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Yongbin Wei currently serves as a vice president of product management at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., where he is responsible for the 5G modem and RF product roadmap.
During his long tenure at Qualcomm, Yongbin has been leading the research and development work of multi-generation cellular technologies, including 3G cdma2000, 4G LTE, and, most recently, the cutting-edge 5G New Radio technology for industrial IoT and spectrum sharing. Yongbin has authored more than 20 journal and conference papers and holds over 400 U.S. patents with many more pending. He received Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of Science and Technology of China, and Ph.D. degree from Purdue University, all in Electrical Engineering.

Mustansir Jhaveri

Mustansir Jhaveri – Founder & CEO , Better InfoTech

Mustansir is CEO of Better Infotech, a technology consulting services company he founded in 2016. He holds executive advisory & board positions with iconic companies and promising startups that provide fundamental gears of building the future on how the world digitally interacts commercially and socially.
In a former life, he was VP of Network & Technology at Verizon, where he spent two decades and led a team of 2000 engineers build 5 generations of network platforms, operating software and multiple lifecycles of products that power todays digital lifestyles.
Mustansir volunteers on the Advisory Board of the MUMA School of Business at The University of South Florida since 2009. He holds patents in network technology and a BS Computer Engineering.

Solutions showcased

5G Test Automation
HCLTech has developed TURBO 5G, an all-in-one roof Test automation Platform for a Multi-vendor, Multi-Infrastructure (Bare Metal, Virtualized and containerized) and DevOps integrated ecosystem like 5G. With its Keyword driven, zero-touch and agile process driven approach, it caters to functional and non-functional testing and automation of devices (Android and iOS) and end to end network call flows, compliance to Standards (3GPP and OpenAPI) and Certification (GCF, PTCRB, ORAN). TURBO 5G has clear differentiation through its easy adaptability and has delivered proven values of 30% reduction in test cycle, 40% improvement in time-to-market and 30% reduction in Capex/Opex.

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Augmented Network Automation (ANA)
HCLTech ANA Platform takes SON to the next generation with a closed-loop wireless network automation environment that supports multi-vendor, multi-technology deployments. It drives faster time to market for new wireless services and 4G/5G cell networks.

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WLC (smart WiFi)
HCLTech SmartWiFi Platform is a robust and cost-effective solution for any WiFi upgrades and new WiFi deployments. This cloud-based WiFi 6 solution manages access points across multiple sites with real-time data reporting, and superior integration and support.

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5G Service Assurance
HCLTech’s Service Assurance solution addresses the present-day problems of hybrid networks with deep technology divide and siloed assurance solution which involves manual analysis and diagnostic routines. HCLTech leverages AI/ML based algorithms and automation driven analysis to monitor, triage and manage network issues. This is made possible through centralized data/datalake approach, event correlation across multi-domains comprising of RAN, Core, Transport. The solution tracks 5QI parameters defined by 3gpp for service quality monitoring and helps the operator to address the service delivery issues proactively and thereby enhance the customer experience.

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