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Supercharging the future of Aerospace & Defense

HCLTech at PAS 2023: Engineering the next for global A&D

In the wake of transcending the global distribution landscape, the Aerospace and Defense industry is swiftly progressing toward a new era of evolution. However, amidst this transformative shift, the industry is confronted with a multitude of emerging challenges that demand immediate attention, including a pressing scarcity of skilled talent, persistent supply chain delays, and the critical necessity for comprehensive digital transformation. Aerospace and Defense organizations are currently rethinking their strategies in response to the changing travel pattern, evolving mobility ecosystem, supply chain readiness, intensified focus on sustainability, and changing industry mix.

We, at HCLTech, are supercharged to address these challenges to help Aerospace and Defense organizations progress and transform. We invite you to join us at the Paris Air Show (PAS) 2023, the showstopper event in the world of Aerospace and Defense. While we are eager to see and discuss incredible technological advances in the A&D space, we want to give you a panoramic experience of our next-gen digital engineering, digital manufacturing, passenger experience, and sustainability solutions which are helping A&D enterprises accelerate digital transformation and build intelligent, secure and sustainable products.

Come with us as we supercharge the future of Aerospace and Defense, together.

Our solutions for intelligent, connected, and sustainable aviation

HCLTech Team at Event

Sam Swaro

Global Head, Aerospace & Defense – Europe, HCLTech

Pascal Faucheux

Vice President, Transportation – Europe,

Christian Raux
Christian Raux

Senior Sales Director, Aerospace & Defense – Europe, HCLTech