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Sep 02, 2020
There is an urgent reed to reskill and upskill talent to stay relevant in the changing times. The World Economic Forum predicted in January 2020 that the digital revolution will transform the future of work and the workplace: as many as 133 million new jobs will be created, but 75 million jobs are likely to be eliminated. 
Jun 15, 2020 to Jun 17, 2020
Today, the semiconductor industry is faced with a number of disruptive factors such as EUV, sub-10nm nodes, 3D NANDs, and FinFET, which are powering next generation devices. The imminent proliferation of IoT devices, a burgeoning demand for high performance chips and memories due to smart vehicles, Big Data, and Cloud technologies are further fuelling this change.
Apr 23, 2020
Orchestrate is HCL’s flagship event series designed exclusively for Microsoft. As a part of the event series, MICROSOFT and HCL will partner to co-create a future-ready enterprise through sharing of experiences and insights on key emerging technologies that result in innovative solutions that solve Microsoft’s technical and business challenges.