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Digital Workplace Experience & Consulting

HCLTech’s Workplace eXperience Consulting (WXC), a consulting practice within its Digital Workplace business unit, complements HCLTech’s extensive technical know-how and provides clients with support in designing and delivering usercentric digital transformations, that lead to an enhanced quality of workplace experience (WX), benefits realization and ROI.

WXC focusses on designing and delivering usercentric WX to enable and empower employees to be engaged, productive and to adopt the new ways of working with help of the tools introduced by digital workplace transformation initiatives.

Our consulting offerings

Our consulting services support clients’ journey toward a usercentric workplace that puts employees and their experience at the center of their digital transformation initiatives.

Usercentric foundations

Articulation of ‘as is’ and ‘to be’, baselining of experience, development of personas, archetypes and user-journeys.

Usercentric service design

Establishment of blueprints, processes and governance for usercentric services.

Usercentric change and adoption

Stakeholder analysis, change impact and readiness assessment, change and adoption strategy and plans.

Usercentric delivery direction

Representing the client’s and users’ needs and aspirations in the delivery of technology transformations.

Pathways to XLAS

Development of usercentric experience metrics to drive the quality and value provided by the service.

Digital workplace experience office design

Alignment and establishment of the structure, processes and governance for a usercentric digital experience office.

WXC-pathway to XLAs

Service experience is key to the value the service provides to its customers and the organization. Experience-level agreements aim to improve the quality and value of the experience the service delivers to the people using it and, ultimately, to the organization.

XLAs are clearly defined service experience benchmarks that reflect organizational goals and service aspirations of experience quality and value. They are developed collaboratively and are mutually agreed upon by the organization and the service provider, focusing on the continual improvement of the quality and experience provided by the service.

WXC’s consultancy offering supports clients through their journey toward establishing a Balanced Experience Scorecard that integrates a curated selection of contractual and non-contractual service metrics (SLAs, KPIs, and XLAs) for continual experience monitoring, improvement, and innovation.

WXC - Balanced Experience Scorecard

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