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Network Automation & Orchestration Services


Propelled by the demands of a dynamic business environment and growing network intricacies, enterprises have entered an era of rapid transformation. IT is transitioning from static, legacy environments to multi-platform and cross-application ecosystems – necessitating a workflow that is resource-efficient, while being flexible.

As a result, network automation and workflow orchestration have emerged as the core of modern connectivity solutions. Seamless processing of network changes – accurately and without manual intervention – achieves two essential objectives: significantly reduced downtime and timely issue identification.

At HCL, we understand that organizations, irrespective of scale, are striving for agile and lean operations – leading to the increasing rollout of virtualized network infrastructures. Our Network Automation solutions leverage IT controls to supervise and execute regular network functions, while addressing emerging challenges. With an amalgam of advanced scripts, tools and platforms, our domain experts help achieve seamless network automation and legacy infrastructure overhaul.

Built on 21CE operational tenets, HCL’s NetBOT is an ‘experience-centric’, ‘service-oriented’ and ‘outcome-based’ Network Automation framework. Our comprehensive offering encompasses professional and enterprise-grade automation requirements. NetBOT achieves experience orchestration across the back-office, mid-office and front office – via next-gen workflows, tools and platforms. We deploy artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and cognitive technologies to augment human capabilities.

NetBOT actions end-to-end IT and network task simplification – with user experience optimization and accelerated troubleshooting – while containing operational costs and ensuring business continuity.

HCL’s Network Automation and Orchestration services include:

  • Configuration, compliance, and change management
  • Workflow-based and task-based automation solutions
  • IP address management
  • Integrated DDI and network analytics
  • Auto-remediation and event correlation

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