Episode 9: Multi-Cloud – horses for courses to drive growth post Pandemic

In today's world of inevitable change, a company's IT infrastructure needs to be agile enough to adapt to change, and unleash productivity and economic gains. The long-term impact of COVID-19 on businesses has caused a multi-fold increase in the importance and reliance on the cloud. Many businesses are looking towards multi-cloud strategy as a catalyst for faster digital transformation.

In this episode, Anant Bharadwaj, Group Manager, Hybrid Cloud at HCL Technologies, and Rishi, Senior Solution Architect, Cisco AppDynamics, help us understand the best practices of adopting a Multi-Cloud strategy and how HCL and Cisco AppDynamics have partnered to bring a best-in-class multi-cloud framework for a smooth cloud journey.

Questions being answered:

  • Why public cloud adoption has increased during the COVID times and how is it helping customers with faster time to market, innovation and faster growth.
  • What the ideal path to digital transformation is.
  • How are the two technology leaders HCL and Cisco AppDynamics partnering to bring a best-in-class multi-cloud framework.
  • How AppD integration is enhancing the existing features of this innovative solution.

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