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Episode 03: Facial Expression Analysis with Tajeshwar Grewal

In this podcast episode, Tajeshwar Grewal, Product Manager, and a Marketing genius in the Digital Workplace Business at HCL Technologies will discuss emotion analysis and its importance in the workplace. Listen to this interesting episode to...

Episode 02: Virtualized Digital Workspaces with Aditya Kumar

In this podcast episode, Aditya Kumar, Enterprise Solution Architect of Digital Workplace Services, HCL Technologies, talks about virtualized digital workspaces. He dives deep into how these digital workspaces are woven into today’s corporate fabric...

Episode 01: The Rise of Gig Economy with Rakshit Ghura

In this podcast episode, Tajeshwar Grewal (TJ) hosts and talks to the Vice President and Digital Workplace Business Head at HCL Technologies Ltd, Rakshit Ghura. Rakshit answers some very important questions that help us understand and decipher the...