HCLTech is an SAP Global Strategic Services Partner with over 25 years’ experience leading complex SAP transformation programs. Our SAP consultant base has now grown to over 10,000 globally with local offices and consultants across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. We employ the best and brightest in the SAP field and continuously invest in transformation methods, project accelerators, industry apps and innovative delivery models to ensure we deliver award-winning services to our customers.

SAP, done better

Better Business Architecture to Drive Agility

Better Business Architecture to Drive Agility

HCLTech delivers better digital enterprise architecture to scale your digital objectives. Our industry-aligned digital execution framework FENIX2.0 converts your digital strategy into a roadmap for execution. We deliver a lean SAP S/4HANA core integrated with BTP and cloud applications to drive agile innovation.

Better Tailored to Your Industry

Better Tailored to Your Industry

HCLTech’s SAP solutions are better tailored to address specific industry challenges. Our Base90 for SAP S/4HANA industry templates accelerate projects and drive business adoption of SAP best practices. We also deliver solutions using our industry products or BlueThinking® approach to help you differentiate and meet your TCO requirements.

Better Experiences

Better Experiences

We design better experiences for all users of the SAP solution - including employees, partners and customers. Better experiences require more than just good UI; they also require better outcomes. This is why we also focus on choosing the right technology to deliver intelligent, more efficient processes –so users get the insight needed to drive better business decisions.

Better Integrated to Your Ecosystem

Better Integrated to your Eco-system

Today’s enterprise needs to be resilient, agile and collaborative across enterprise, partner and customer eco-systems. Our approach to modern ERP and digital architecture delivers a better composable architecture, providing seamless, intelligent processes that integrate across your applications, partners, supply chains, products and customers.

Better Designed & Realized to Generate Value

Better Designed Realized to Generate Value

When designing solutions, our focus is on delivering business value. Our Value Sentinel approach, Intelligent Process Design Methodology and Activate+ agile delivery methodology all ensure solutions better aligned to business outcomes realized through digital transformation.


Better businesses for a better planet

We believe in creating harmony between people, planet, and prosperity. We build sustainability principles and actions into our strategy, culture and day-to-day operations to improve the lives of people around the planet - engaging our employees, clients, stakeholders and communities for a higher purpose.

Today, businesses need to quickly react to environmental and market changes. SAP’s Climate 21 Program aims to help customers understand, analyze and optimize the carbon footprint of their products and operations along the value chain. In line with this vision, we bring you a unique opportunity to be a part of a reforestation project.

Register here to join the initiative and plant a tree in your name.

Demos On Demand

Please see the list of available demos of our SAP products and accelerators below. If you would like to see a demo or schedule a call with one of our SAP experts, please write to us at

Athena Digital Customer Portal

An easily and quickly deployable Digital Portal on the BTP Digital Portal platform. This offering is very useful for creating a web based user interface for enterprise applications

Manish Pandeya, Global SAP CX Lead, HCLTech

Rapid Commerce B2C - Retail Grocery Store Accelerator

Rapid implementation of B2C eCommerce on SAP Commerce Cloud platform. This offering enables the implementation of a fully functional eCommerce platform with all integrations, in as little as 6 weeks. It can be easily scaled up to an enterprise grade solution in short iterative releases after the core B2C eCommerce platform is deployed and functioning.

Manish Pandeya, Global SAP CX Lead, HCLTech

Rapid Customer Service Accelerator

Rapid implementation and deployment of SAP Service Cloud in a short period of 12 weeks. The offering includes prepacked configurations and assets for a quick rollout.

Manish Pandeya, Global SAP CX Lead, HCLTech

Central Finance Assessment Tool Demo

A complete set of tools and utilities to support technical and functional due diligence of SAP Central Finance systems to the latest SAP S/4HANA release. The toolset identifies CFIN upgrade pre-requisites and ensures seamless and timely project execution. It offers user friendly tool execution, detailed reporting on a Fiori-based dashboard, and makes recommendations on applicable new features, mandatory upgrades and roadmap.

Sujit Mohanty, Global Offering & GTM Lead (SAP Finance), HCLTech


Intelligent UX - CAI, Employee Workplace App Demo

A fresh new SAP UI/UX offering addressing Assessment, Migration, Upgrade and Innovation aligned with SAP's new BTP Technologies with an offshore based Factory delivery model.

Subhayu De Sarkar, SAP Practice Lead - SAP BTP, UX, Cloud Native & Mobility, HCLTech

Aerospace and Defense Base90 for SAP S/4HANA Template

An SAP S/4HANA implementation template for Aerospace manufacturing businesses.

Samit Guha, Solution Manager and A&D Chapter Lead, HCLTech

iMRO for Complex Asset Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.

This is the next release of the GEN2 iMRO solution designed for complex asset maintenance.

This release is compatible with the SAP S/4HANA 2020 release.

Colin Breakwell, AVP-SAP Practice, HCLTech

Intelligent Planning for Complex Maintenance.

A series of enhancements to support the planning of complex maintenance events including alert dashboards and graphical overviews.

Colin Breakwell, AVP-SAP Practice, HCLTech

Complex Service Quotations Management App

A solution for developing customer quotations based on maintenance data help in SAP Plant Maintenance.

This solution integrates the maintenance master, planning and execution data with the SAP quotation functionality, enabling seamless integration across business processes.

Colin Breakwell, AVP-SAP Practice, HCLTech

Supply Chain Segmentation for Life Sciences

HCLTech and SAP have partnered to make the SAP S/4HANA Material Segmentation capability seamlessly available and ready for complex Life Sciences industries.

Our material segmentation solution is a simplified characteristics-based solution used primarily in demand and supply planning.

Life Sciences companies can use our segmentation solution to manage regulatory restrictions, compliance checks and validations into integrated finance and supply chain management processes.

We support rapid deployments with pre-configurated solution templates and testing tools.

Sylvain Faure, VP, Head, SAP NA Digital Practice, HCLTech

Frank Dupont, IT & SAP Business Process Transformation Leader, HCLTech

Utilities Base90 Template for Medium Size Utility Companies

HCLTech Base90 solution for Utilities provides a packaged deployment solution that leverages SAP's Customer Information solution on SAP S/4HANA for regulated utilities operating in the mid market segment. Our solution is built on HCLTech 20+ years of experience in design and deployment of CIS solutions in the utilities space. The solution is built on SAP S/4HANA ISU CRB leveraging SAP S/4HANA Customer Management.

Lodewyk Steyn, Digital Transformation Leader SAP Industries, HCLTech

SAP Analytics Cloud Rapid Analytics Accelerator

A rapid implementation approach for SAP Analytics Cloud, delivering an initial implementation with a limited data theme in approximately 8 weeks, allowing you to scale at your own pace.

Post-implementation, HCLTech can help establish an agile delivery plan to extend scope across other data themes, source systems and business units. SAC gives customers a flexible and agile program to develop new business analytics supported by an HCLTech Business Analytics COE offering.

Richard Grainge, FS Banking and Insurance Solutions Manager, HCLTech

HANASmart SAP S/4HANA Code Assessment and Remediation Tool

A custom code analysis tool that both supports assessment of ECC conversions and executing conversions of ECC to SAP S/4HANA. The tool analyzes code usage and makes disposition recommendations, including whether needed customizations should be implemented in SAP S/4HANA or BTP, and offers code remediation automation.

Rajesh Dadwal, Group Product Manager, HCLTech

COVID19 Workforce Risk Management App

BTP App for managing the risk of employees in the work place. The app provides an individual risk assessment based on up-to-date regional guidance and a simple questionnaire. Includes desk and meet-up track and trace function using QR codes.

Subhayu De Sarkar, SAP Practice Lead – SAP BTP UX, Cloud Native & Mobility, HCLTech

iRPA BOT Demo and BOT Library.

An automation offering using SAP Intelligent RPA. The offering leverages pre-automation assessment methodologies, SAP best practices and proprietary accelerators to help you understand the why, how and what it takes to transition to automation. Key elements include Advisory and Professional Services, COE Setup and Operation, PoC and complete development lifecycle ownership.

HCLTech has developed a BOTs library of over 50 ready to adopt BOTs both for ECC and SAP S/4 systems.

Following 3 Use cases are available for demo:

  1. Payment Re-conciliation
  2. SAP BASIS Monitoring
  3. SAP Smart Accrual

Anindya M Bhattacharya, AGM – SAP Automation Offerings, HCLTech

Vishwas Madhuvarshi, SAP Automation & Innovation Leader, HCLTech

OneTest SAP S/4HANA Test Automation Tool and Test Cases

HCLTech has created a package of automation test scripts on OneTest tool for SAP Best Practices processes that forms the baseline for HCLTech SAP Base90 Life Sciences solution. End to End processes across Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, Warehouse Management as well as Finance & Controlling have been automated for SAP Fiori and GUI transactions. This library can be used to jumpstart testing in SAP S/4HANA Accelerated implementations with Base90 Industry solutions to achieve significant savings in efforts and timelines and industrialization of testing phase.

Ganesh Natarajan, AVP, HCLTech Software

HCLTech Conversion Cockpit Tool for ECC to SAP S/4HANA Conversions

Conversion cockpit for managing ECC to SAP S/4HANA conversion projects. Connects to SAP tools and HCLTech tools such as HANASmart. Analytics for status tracking provided via SAP Analytics Cloud.

Sujit Mohanty, Global Offering & GTM Lead (SAP Finance), HCLTech

SAP DevSecOps Tool Chain and Methodology

A solution for customers wanting to bring an Agile / DevOps model to support both on-prem and cloud-based SAP solutions. HCLTech has built an end-to-end solution to bring together the structures and power of SAP Solution Manager with the agility that comes with use of Jira and Confluence.

Trijoy Saikia, Operations Director SAP Practice & SAP Factory Services Delivery Leader, HCLTech

Migration of PI/PO object to CPI using iRPA

The HCLTech migration tool utilizes iRPA to extract information from PI/PO systems to be included in CPI flows to accelerate the migration to the SAP Cloud Platform. This product is enables automated migration, which accelerates adoption and eliminates manual mistakes, reducing development and testing time for a migration to the cloud.

Solution was a finalist in the SAP Hack2Build hackathon.

Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration

SAP Ariba Solutions for Direct Spend help enterprises to extend intelligent enterprise transformation to suppliers and other supply-side trading partners, such as contract manufacturers, co-packers, and tollers.

Our Ariba Direct Materials and SCC offering includes:

  • Demo environment integrated to HCLTech’s SAP S/4HANA Sandbox for rapid prototyping and testing of new solutions
  • Solutions for Direct Material and SCC
  • Business case drivers
  • Accelerators: Configuration Documents, Test Cases, Best practice deployment plans and lessons learned

Art Wright, SAP Solution Director, HCLTech

Intelligent Ordering Suggestion Engine (LS Client Pilot Demo)

Get more value from your indirect procurement system through process improvement, optimization and automation.

HCLTech offers a full compliment of services centered around SAP Ariba’s suite of solutions including project management, change management, analysis, functional consulting, technical delivery, integration services, testing, training, BPO services and change management Our proprietary tools and project enablers (solution documentation including design, configuration and testing accelerators) will reduce the cost and risk of implementation

Nicholas McFetrich, SAP Digital Transformation Architect, HCLTech

Connected Field Service with GIS Integration

Supports fixed and linear assets in the field. Helps users perform routine maintenance, raising defects and recording findings with a simple user front end. Integration with GIS systems is included, for where the asset data is held externally.

Andrew Fisher, Director - SAP Practice, HCLTech

EWM Mobile App for Lean Warehousing Operations

HCLTech SAP EWM Accelerated solution template to orchestrate standalone and embedded extended warehouse management solutions. Efficiently manage inbound, outbound, inventory and internal processing and production operations using mobile Fiori apps, smart warehousing and IOT based solutions.

Our template covers best practices processes, process flows, configuration, and testing scripts for rapid deployments.

The template also covers Lean Warehousing T-shirt sizing pre-packaged solutions for rapid deployment suitable for small and medium size companies.

Shailesh Mahajan, SAP SCM Subject Matter Expert, HCLTech

Manufacturing PEO and MII Integration

SAP PEO Integration accelerator for integration of shopfloor production equipment into SAP S/4HANA Production Planning transactions for a complete shopfloor integration solution.

Shailesh Mahajan, SAP SCM Subject Matter Expert, HCLTech

Smart Logistics for Inventory Tracking

HCLTech Smart Logistics using IoT technology to track assets and products through the supply chain.

Nishant Kathuria, SAP Capability Leader, HCLTech

Vehicle Fleet Management Solution

This solution supports rubber tire fleets such as cars and trucks. It covers the day to day operations and management of vehicles, including tracking usage, maintenance, drivers and tire wear.

The solution can include connected insights , where data coming directly from the vehicle. The solution is delivered with a mobile front end to simplify data entry.

Andrew Fisher, Director - SAP Practice, HCLTech


Lifesciences & Healthcare
Lifesciences & Healthcare

HCLTech has a long track record of delivering SAP transformation and support services for the world’s leading Life Sciences companies. To meet recent global challenges, we’ve focused on developing solutions that enable dynamic and resilient supply chains coupled with effective management of regulatory compliance.

HCLTech’s Life Sciences solutions Video

Brochure: Base90 for Life Sciences SAPS/4HANA accelerator

Segmentation solution for SAP S/4HANA demo

Blog: Combating counterfeit drugs with SAP

Segmentation solution for SAP S/4HANA brochure

SAP S/4HANA transformation case study video


Accelerate time to value and transform your manufacturing and supply chain operations with our industry solutions.

Reflecting our deep roots in engineering, manufacturing continues to be our largest industry sector. We leverage the latest SAP technologies – and the strength of HCLTech’s broader technical consulting and engineering capabilities, such as IoT Works™ - to deliver intelligent manufacturing solutions for our customers.

Connected Asset Management brochure

Connected Asset Case Study Video

Base90 for Manufacturing - SAP S/4HANA accelerator brochure

Blog: The digital supply chain future

Base90 for Manufacturing – SAP S/4HANA accelerator video

Mobile Fiori apps for Enterprise Warehouse Management video

Consumer Packaged Goods
Consumer Packaged Goods

The global pandemic has accelerated digital disruption in the CPG industry, pushing companies to change their distribution models to digital channels. Our solutions focus on helping our CPG customers build resilient and efficient supply chain operations and deliver engaging customer experiences to drive business growth and new business models.

SAP decentralized EWM and SAP BW case study video

Blog: Review of SAP Commerce Cloud

Rapid B2C eCommerce solution overview

Blog: The enterprise-level digital supply chain

Watch the video of our Mobile Fiori apps for Enterprise Warehouse Management


For over two decades, we have helped Utilities in both regulated and deregulated markets run back office, customer operations, and enterprise asset management functions better. To meet today’s challenges, we are helping the industry become more agile – able to adopt new technologies quickly, access data in real time, and accelerate the move to digital ERP

SAP S/4HANA solutions for Utilities video

Base90 SAP S/4HANA accelerator for Utilities brochure

Connected field service & linear asset management video

Smart metering case study video

Aerospace & Defense
Aerospace & Defense

HCLTech provides SAP solutions for all aspects of manufacturing and aftermarket support in the Aerospace and Defence (A&D) industry. These include our Base90 for SAP S/4HANA A&D template, the only SAP-qualified solution for A&D with tools and processes for complex, project-based component manufacturing and assembly. And the latest release of our industry-acclaimed iMRO for SAP S/4HANA includes Fiori apps for advanced planning, and complex quotations for A&D service organizations.

Base90 for A&D SAP S/4HANA accelerator video

Base90 for A&D brochure

Predictive maintenance case study video

iMRO Digital Core brochure

Watch the video on iMRO Digital Core for complex asset maintenance


RISE with SAP is a commercial package that bundles SAP applications, public cloud infrastructure, business networks and tools to enable a cost-effective move to SAP S/4HANA. HCLTech’s Factory+ for SAP S/4HANA complements this, providing a cost-effective solution for converting your ECC to SAP S/4HANA in the cloud utilizing our BlueThinking® concept for a clean digital core and agile benefits creation approach.

Need clarity on how RISE with SAP changes your roadmap options? Register here for a free 1-hour or ½ day discovery session.

Video: SAP S/4HANA conversions with Factory+

Webinar: Benefits of a conversion + RISE with SAP

Protect legacy investments in the move to SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA assessment services brochure

SAP Solutions

SAP S/4HANA Finance

Our solutions help Accounting & Finance departments improve efficiency, compliance, transparency and data-driven insights. We leverage SAP’s intelligent technologies to develop intelligent processes with robotic automation, machine learning and intuitive UX.

Whether it is developing an SAP S/4HANA Central Finance hub for financial consolidation and shared services, implementing SAP S/4HANA group reporting for continuous accounting, or enabling simple cloud based planning in SAP Analytics Cloud – we can help you transform your finance function.

Blog: SAP Central Finance, a gateway to SAP S/4HANA

Video: SAP S/4HANA conversions with Factory+

Whitepaper: Ensuring successful automation with iRPA

SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain

Recent global disruptions have forced digital supply chains to evolve at speed. While connected, intelligent technologies are readily available, harnessing these into an effective digital supply chain that integrates with your existing ERP landscape can be challenging.

HCLTech’s digital supply chain solutions are designed to deliver value quickly. These include solution accelerators such as our Base90 industry solutions, EWM apps that drive efficient user experiences, and our connected asset solutions.

Track and trace with SAP S/4HANA, blockchain and IoT case study

SAP decentralized EWM and SAP BW case study video

Watch how we accelerate SAP S/4HANA implementations with Base90 for Manufacturing

Watch how our Mobile Fiori apps for EWM streamline warehouse operations

SAP S/4HANA Service Asset Management

HCLTech has been a leader in SAP Service and Asset Management solutions for over a decade. Our iMRO product is the leading SAP solution for Aerospace and Defence organizations and has also been deployed for Oil Field Services, Rail and Fleet Management. Our suite of iSAM (integrated Service Asset Management) applications leverage our iMRO experience and are available via the SAP Store.

iMRO Digital Core brochure

Field service and linear asset management app

Watch the video on iMRO Digital Core for complex asset maintenance

iMRO customer success story video

SAP Ariba

Ariba has long been a leading indirect procurement solution. Today, Ariba is helping companies solve challenges with direct procurement, supply chain resiliency and agility highlighted by the pandemic. Ariba extends business transformation scope to include suppliers and other supply-side trading partners, such as contract manufacturers, co-packers, and logistics providers, providing benefits for all parties.

HCLTech has been leading the charge to mitigate supply chain risk and reduce operational inefficiencies and overheads in all areas of procurement through intelligence and automation.

Blog: Digitizing your supply chain for success

Automate your existing Ariba solution

Rapid deployment of Ariba catalogues case study

Whitepaper: Ariba Network – a key link in the digital supply chain

Business Technology Platform

SAP’s Business Technology Platform provides the capabilities needed to connect, automate and innovate in your organization. Developing solutions on BTP requires a new mindset – not traditional ABAP. HCLTech recommends using a cloud native approach, and has established a cloud native kick-starter program to help your teams transition to the future of SAP development.

We are an industry cloud partner developing solutions and products on BTP and have won innovation awards for our customer BTP solutions.

Cloud native service brochure

eBook: Start your cloud native journey with SAP

City of Cape Town: Data, resilience and the digital city

Supply chain modernization case study

Whitepaper: Ensuring successful automation with iRPA

Watch a video introduction to our Intelligent UX solutions

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is the most critical part of any enterprise architecture, giving leadership teams the data and insights on business performance needed to respond to market changes.

Our analytics team works closely with you to develop solutions tailored to your business challenges. These include a Business Analytics assessment to help you develop a roadmap, a rapid analytics accelerator, and predefined analytics content. Our Rapid Analytics offering is designed to quickly launch your implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and establish an analytics platform and capability in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Watch how our analytics solution gave a leading automotive parts manufacturer Global visibility across fragmented ERP systems

Rapid Analytics - An integrated solution in 4-6 weeks

Blog: Top10 lessons learnt from implementing SAC

Debtor Risk Profiling on SAC brochure

Customer Experience

During the pandemic, businesses that invested in a customer experience platform and scalable ecommerce capabilities are the ones that thrived.

To help our customers succeed in these challenging times, we have developed a suite of rapidly deployable, enterprise-quality, scalable CX offerings. These include Rapid ecommerce for B2B and B2C, Rapid Service and our Athena Digital Portal.

Register to qualify for our free CX assessment here.

Rapid B2C and B2B ecommerce offerings

Plug and play Digital Portal brochure

Whitepaper: Move from CRM to CX

HCLTech’s JANUS framework for CX AM/AD brochure

Watch a demo of our Digital Portal of the Future

SAP SuccessFactors

HCLTech is a Global Strategic Cloud Partner for SuccessFactors and has successfully delivered more than 250+ HR transformation programs.

HCLTech is now a leader in developing intelligent solutions that transform HR operations. For example, we use extensive automation to seamlessly extend recruit-to-retire processes, and have been instrumental in delivering agile SuccessFactors deployment, extending SuccessFactors to meet COVID-19 specific HR process needs, and developing NLP powered ChatBots to automate query resolution.

Demo: Lucy ,our SucceessFactors AI chatbot

Brochure: Lucy, our SuccesFactors AI chatbot

HCLTech’s COVID-19 work place risk assessment app

Read our case study on how we turned around a challenged global SuccessFactors HR transformation program

SAP Cloud Infra Services

HCLTech has been at the forefront in assisting enterprises to drive business growth and enable superior digital experience. Cloud Smart for SAP is a full stack offering to accelerate the customer’s cloud transformation journey, leveraging HCLTech accelerators and solutions.

With strong partnerships with all major Cloud Service Partners – Azure, AWS, IBM and GCP, SAP competencies with all major cloud providers and with our 100+ IPs & Offerings, we help businesses to re-think SAP on Cloud Strategy to jumpstart growth, speed time to market, and foster innovation.

We offer a full range of SAP on Cloud services: SAP Consulting & Advisory services, SAP Automation, SAP Operational Services (Basis management, Database management, cloud infrastructure and platform management, SAP Data Management, Backup , Security, Network, etc.)

SAP on Cloud: Read more on our SAP on Cloud services and offerings. Download Brochure

Case Studies: Lean how HCLTech was able to migrate SAP for customers across all major hyperscales providing cloud, hybrid cloud and multi cloud deployments.

Smart Scaling: Ensure a continuous rightsizing for SAP landscapes based on Utilization, Pre-Defined Schedule, or ad-hoc requests. Brochure (PDF)

AMS and DevOps

HCLTech ASM 2.0 framework is a new paradigm in application management that delivers a customized, on-demand, and proactive approach for smart application operations. It encompasses lean thinking, custom support models with a DevSecOps based team structure for best-in-class engineering culture backed by SRE practices, and is strongly business aligned.

ASM 2.0 focuses on observability and drives an automation roadmap with tools and solutions that offer preventive, predictive and self-heal capabilities, while facilitating actionable AI powered insights for better business decisions.

Download the brochure to know more..

ASM2.0 Frameworkbrochure