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POS Architecture
What are the different components of Point of sale system?

POS systems operate on some form of computer with a large display unit, allowing the retailers to essentially run their entire business on one small device. Usually, POS companies offer convenient hardware packages to get retailers started, but the following are a few pieces they might need:

  • POS software: Software which will be running on the PoS device, allowing them to scan items, check reports, manage customers, and more all with just a few taps.
  • Cash Drawer: A cash drawer is simply that, a receptacle to hold the cash and the receipts. When hooked up to a POS system, the software can track exactly how many times a cash drawer is opened to cut down on fraud.
  • Receipt Printer: This is a small printer that will print out a slip of paper with the customer’s order for his or her reference. Many POS systems allow customizing the receipts with the business’s logo or to go paperless by sending a digital receipt or giving the option for no receipt.
  • Card Reader with Signature pad or PIN pad: Unless it is a cash-only business, Retailers are going to need a way to take credit card payments. Simple card swipers are affordable and sometimes thrown in for free with the purchase of a POS system. For added security, they’ll want a reader with the ability to process chip cards.
  • Barcode Scanner: Typically used in retail stores, barcode scanners are useful not only for purchases but also as a convenient way to look up product information, be it pricing, stock levels, or a detailed description.
  • Associate Display: Many modern POS options also feature a customer display that helps store associate to verify the item scanned, amount billed, customer details, promotion details, and choosing a payment option.
  • Scale: Grocery retailers likely need a scale to weigh and price items. Many POS systems sync directly with scales and the weight is automatically entered and calculated.