What is Business Process Outsourcing ?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the process of a service provider managing various aspects of business activities: the people associated with the business process, the associated and underlying technologies and the IT support staff for an organization. It helps the organization focus on its core competencies, reduce operating expenditure and improve its bottom line. BPO offerings are basically categorized into two major categories, i.e. horizontal offerings (industry specific offerings) and vertical offerings (domain specific offerings).


Download our Legal Process Outsourcing Brochure to understand how HCL provides a whole variety of legal support activities using low cost, high quality legal resources

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HCL BPO helped the client rationalize from over 2000 business processes to 700 processes and further grouping it into 42 procedures across all 7 companies and 6 geographies. It maximized data integrity and the Client achieved unique, accurate and synchronized customer data across all plans.


Clinical trial supply chains (CTSCs) have historically focused on logistics and compliance, not excellence in execution. There is the clinical side of the business and then the operational side, with an iron curtain in the middle. Not surprisingly, only 23% of 107 pharmaceutical and biotech companies rate their CTSC processes as extremely effective, according to a recent AMR Research study.

This white paper depicts how the SCOR modeling can be done in real life for the supply chain of a Hi Tech manufacturer. Through SCOR modeling important KPIs are identified and best practices comparison is being done to identify what enhancement is required. Manufacturing organizations can get real benefit from this white paper by understanding the methodical way to analyze the current state and set the future directions through proper enhancement