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Cloud Computing

What Is Cloud Computing?

The delivery of computing services (servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and analytics) over the cloud is termed as cloud computing. This replaces the traditional practice of using local servers or personal computers. Today, these services are enabled by cloud providers, who typically charge in accordance with service availed. Alternatively, organizations can maintain in-house computing infrastructure. The onset of Cloud computing has changed the role of IT administrators — they no longer remain in charge of provisioning and managing computer-based resources. Cloud computing facilitates self-service provisioning through structuring on-demand computing resources according to the organizational workload. Additionally, cloud computing allows pay-per-use practices. Migrating to cloud services gives organizations the luxury of scaling IT systems in line with demand. This makes cloud computing a more economically viable alternative to traditional device-centric IT. HCL is a platinum member of the Cloud Security Alliance as well as a working group member in Cloud Computing Panel at World Economic Forum. We have a dedicated cloud computing centre of excellence that focuses on thought leadership, competencies, and domain solutions.