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Cloud Adoption
What is cloud adoption?

Cloud Adoption is a strategic move by organisations of reducing cost, mitigating risk and achieving scalability of data base capabilities. Cloud adoption may be up to various degrees in an organisation, depending on the depth of adoption. In fact the depth of adoption yields insight into the maturity of best practices, enterprise-ready cloud services availability.

Organisations that go ahead with the strategic decision of adopting cloud based technologies have to identify potential security thefts and controls, required to keep the data and applications in the cloud secured. Hence there is a need for compliance assessment during cloud adoption. The following measures are taken for compliance assessment to ensure security and accountability of data and applications in the cloud services:

  • Matching the security requirements of the organisation with the security capabilities of the cloud service provider
  • Analysing the security policies of the cloud service provider along with history of transparency and security related practices
  • Proper understanding of the technical aspects of data and traffic flow
  • Proper understanding and documentation of the roles and responsibilities of the cloud service provider
  • Understanding of the certifications and compliances that can be leveraged from the cloud service provider