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What is DevOps?

DevOps is an application software development methodology. It is a philosophy that ensures systematic liaison between software development and the various IT operations teams.

In the contemporary business landscape, organizational success depends largely on differentiated products offered to online customers. A developer is a person who writes code and features for new products, while executing security updates and bug fixes.

A developer has to maintain pace with the competitors as they might market the new products and features faster. Therefore, developers are under pressure as they work on the old codes, pending codes, and new codes. The operations manager has to balance the pace with the rate of production. It becomes difficult for the production manager to cope with both existing and new ones, while also managing customer satisfaction.

In order to streamline the process, DevOps brings together developers and the operations team. This helps drive productivity and collaboration by automating infrastructure and workflows as well as evaluating performance.

Developers, in this case, would write codes in small chunks that can be monitored in hours. It will help in increasing the frequency and speed of deployment.

Thus, with the collaboration of developers and the operations team, coding and production time will reduce significantly, resulting in streamlined business functions and satisfied customers.