Manufacturing Execution System

What is manufacturing execution systems?

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) are IT enabled systems that provide solutions for improving and optimizing the manufacturing process to the production floor engineers and managers. MES provides solution as to how the current conditions of the shop floor be altered to generate greater output at minimal cost. MES provides for the middle layer between the ERP system and the process control system.


Manufacturing Success – Money & Finance


Manufacturing companies make an effort to share and integrate with their partners. Most of them rely on a highly manual process and information from a tangle of Enterprise Systems, Workflow, Web and Legacy Applications. The objective being to coordinate order fulfillment across corporate divisions and external partners. FraME enables integration of product lifecycle with manufacturing execution & supply chain processes that leverage an approach that helps overcoming these challenges, through our process orchestration framework. FraME helps orchestrate business processes in a manufacturing environment that provides a high degree of flexibility for change with good visibility into the business process execution.