Multichannel Retailing

What is multichannel retailing?

Multichannel Retailing is the process of using multiple channels for selling similar products across different platforms. The platforms may be online and offline and the various channels may be brick and mortar store, online store, mobile store, mobile app store, etc. Multichannel retailing is the approach of businesses reaching down to the customers along the choice of convenience of the customers. The final purchasing may be across any of the channels, but the collaborative effect of the various channels helps facilitating the buying decision process in multiple ways.


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HCL helps a leading US based women’s fashion retailer in establishing multi-channel retailing capabilities


Customers are interacting with businesses through multiple touchpoints for research, ordering, payment, tracking and customer service. Many retailers that invested in cross-channel management did not consider the pitfalls and ended up in disjointed business processes, inconsistent channels, and a loosely integrated ecosystem. We have helped our customers to successfully transition their siloed individual channels to become cross-channel efficient by an approach with six essentials; Business Solutions, Integration, Architecture, Governance, Performance Measurement, and Network and Infrastructure Management. The result: enhanced customer experience, visibility to customers’ shopping behavior, and improved conversion rate.