Product Engineering

What is product engineering ?

Product Engineering is the process of innovating, designing, developing, testing and deploying a software product. The advent of Web 2.0 technologies and utility based software delivery through Software as a Service (SaaS) has led to the process of gradual transformation of client enabling engineering services from traditional software engineering to product engineering. Product engineering takes care of the entire product life cycle from the innovation phase, starting from the idea being conceived to the deployment and user acceptance testing phase.

Let us now understand, what are the various phases of product engineering? The various phases of product engineering are:

  • Product Ideation
  • Product Architecture
  • Product Design
  • Product Testing
  • Product Migration and Porting
  • Technical Support
  • Sustaining Engineering
  • Professional Services


Business Impact through Product Engineering

With multiple patents and an exhaustive knowledge repository, HCL has used the most innovative models to help some of the big names sustain their products and helped it earn a brilliant track record across verticals.


Lean product design approach can take you from slow-andsteady to quick-and-agile. Each approach addresses a different aspect of the product development process: the harvesting of initial customer inputs, the planning of a development project, resource allocation and prioritization, time and workflow management, and several practical techniques for improved organization, communication, and execution.One of the best ways to achieve "excellence in product design” is to focus on the elimination of non-value-added waste in both the process of development and in the design of the product. Techniques such as Just-in-Time (JIT) materials management, pull systems, and batch-size reduction have enabled firms worldwide to achieve unprecedented production efficiencies. Unfortunately, a lean factory can only manufacture what it is given; if a "fat" product is handed off to the factory, all the lean manufacturing in the world won't get all of the waste out. This is where the methods of lean product design take center stage. Therefore, slashing costs, increase productivity & time-to-market is a great place to begin journey toward Lean product design excellence.

Today, global R&D networks have to thrive on a complex innovation ecosystem that includes captives, vendors and partners spread across geographies. Does this affect the performance of your R&D? While offshore outsourcing forces a distributed effort around the globe, do you have a partner that seamlessly integrates into your R&D network? HCL, India’s largest independent R&D services partner delivers just that. Powered by experience, expertise and scale, HCL delivers the most complex turnkey product engineering projects, while ensuring integration into your existing R&D network.