MEGA Connect: New Energies Insights with Vicki Harris | HCLTech
Introduction to the topic

In today’s world, by shifting away from traditional energy sources, several companies are aiming to achieve net-zero goals. At HCLTech, we recognize that technology is critical to transitioning to new energies, attaining a sustainable and low-carbon future, utilizing reliable energy sources efficiently, and realizing the net-zero goal.

Welcome to MEGA Connect: New Energies Insights

The Mega Connect series where MEGALT Oil & Gas and the Sustainability Team hosted an exciting session with Vicki Harris, Digital Manager at Chevron New Energies, and Christina Herden, Sustainability Director at HCLTech. The objective is to discuss the immense opportunities and the increasing role of digital technologies in various industries for a low carbon future.

Experts will discuss topics including: 

  • Energy transition through Low Carbon Pathways
  • How it changes the way energy will be produced
  • Leveraging digital technologies to support the transition
  • How green hydrogen may assist businesses in transitioning to a low-carbon energy future
  • The importance of carbon offsets for leading oil and gas businesses
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Introduction to the speakers
Rajesh Sitaraman
Rajesh Sitaraman
Senior Vice President at HCLTech

He has been with HCLTech for 12 years. Responsible for the Oil & Gas and Natural Resources vertical. Rajesh has P&L responsibility for two industry segments - Oil & Gas and Travel & Transportation.

Christina Herden
Christina Herden
Director, Global Head of Sustainability at HCLTech

Experienced General Manager Marketing with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Sales, Professional Services, Management, and Pre-sales. Strong marketing professional with a Degree MBA; MA focused on International Marketing Management & Finance; Business Communications & Public Relations from European University.

Vicki Harris
Vicki Harris
Digital Manager at Chevron New Energies

As the Digital Manager with Chevron New Energies, Vicki focuses on delivering digital technologies to enable the Hydrogen, CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage), and Offsets and Emerging businesses. At Chevron, she has held IT management positions in strategic and operational roles across multiple business units. Vicki has enjoyed a diverse IT career across the telecom, software, and energy industries.