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The Digital Path Forward
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 February 7,  2024, 10:00 AM EST


Drew Ehlers

Head of Global Partners at Zebra Technologies

The world is starting to see the benefits that technology offers in improving the future of the frontline workforce. An inclusive workplace transformation approach is the need of the hour.

Rakshit Ghura

Senior Vice President and Global Head ,
Digital Workplace Services, HCLTech

Organizations now are increasingly realizing the power of IT and workplace transformation initiatives in improving the productivity of frontline workers, as well as their experiences, wellness and safety.

Yugal Joshi

Partner, Information Technology Services, Everest Group

In today's tech-driven world, frontline workers are central to shaping human-centered experiences. Yet, their needs have often been overlooked in workplace transformations, leading to attrition challenges and deficits in delivered value. Hence, it is imperative now to meet their unique requirements through tailored workplace transformations.

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