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Oct 29, 2020
Cloud native approaches are changing the way we design, develop, scale, and run applications – SAP is no exception. Despite large investments in SAP technology, many organizations overlook SAP’s rapid application development and integration opportunities such as increasing costs, timelines, and effort. Bringing together the viewpoints of both SAP-first and cloud-first experts...
Oct 22, 2020
In the corporate financial reporting world where management relies on timely, accurate, and a single source of truth as input to improve business performance and meet long-term strategic goals, financial planning (budgeting and forecasting) tools get elevated to being a mission-critical system. The business model of modern organizations is rapidly shifting due to competition,...
Oct 07, 2020
Cell and gene therapies have emerged as therapeutics that have curative potential. However, the complexity of these therapies introduces system-wide supply chain challenges that need to be managed through a robust enterprise solutions platform. These therapies have constrained shelf life and also require tracking and securing of the vein-to-vein supply chain.