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Realizing Supply Chain 4.0: Insights from global leaders

While the technology building blocks to enable a digital supply chain have been available for several years and price points continue to reduce, transformation has proved no easy task.

We were curious to discover why. So, in partnership with, we interviewed early adopters to find out how they were solving common challenges to supply chain digitalization.

The result is this eBook, which provides insights into use cases, critical success factors, and new business processes and models that have allowed them to build more robust, sustainable, and flexible supply chain functions.

  • Håvard Jørgensen, Vice President Global Supply Chain, Electrolux
  • Jean-Philippe Lebudel, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Firmenich
  • Christophe Villain, Global Head of Supply Chain & Procurement Technology, Nestlé
  • Kenneth Creasy, Senior Director, Manufacturing Technology & Innovation and Advanced Engineering, Johnson & Johnson
  • Manju Parkhe, Group Vice President, Ecolab

Learn what shifts you should address now - and plan what you need for the future - to make your own digital supply chain transformation successful. 

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