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The $900 billion aerospace industry has traditionally operated within siloed structures, with each function focused on ‘maximizing’ the outcomes for itself. That has led to a lack of feedback loops across design, manufacturing, and supply chain.

The threat to global supply chains by the pandemic and the opportunities offered by the industry 4.0 technologies have created new possibilities. These include structured data flows, next-level automation, and supply chain reconfigured for resilience and flexibility.

Discover the current state of the Aerospace industry and how the five key shifts triggered by the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) are opening the market for innovative supply chain solutions and service providers— from a panel of highly respected industry veterans and an industry analyst who participated in the recently-held Virtual Think Tank event.

Key Insights

Integrating digital environments with all business process aspects of a Model-Based Enterprise (MBE 2.0) enables seamless publishing/sharing/repurposing of digital design information among multiple stakeholders
Move to autonomy from automation by leveraging AI for automating mundane tasks
Switch from a rigid supply chain to a flexible demand fulfillment ecosystem
Shift from linear value chain to circular value chain by following data rather than products


Senior Industry Analyst
Frost & Sullivan
Timothy J Kuder
LM Senior Fellow
Lockheed Martin
Dr. Don Kinard
Director, Engineering
Applications, Digital
Collins Aerospace
Laxmi Sivashankar
Senior Manager,
Decision Intelligence
Lockheed Martin
Vino Kingston
Experience Management, Engineering Aerospace and Defense - Industry Executive Advisory, SAP
Dave Blanter
Vice President, Engineering, Technology, and New Business Ventures, Moog Aircraft Group
Bill Flood
Associate Vice President, and Principal A&D Business Architect, HCL Technologies
Mathew Cordner

Aerospace & Defense : Virtual Think Tank Exclusive Report

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