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Industry NeXT

Redefining business by
creating a cognitive ecosystem

Emergence of the value ecosystem

Industry 4.0 was built around a unidirectional flow of intelligence connecting operations and processes, stakeholders, and smart products and services. The fundamental flaw with this approach is that it made quick iterative improvements virtually impossible – leading to poor responsiveness, process and service inefficiencies, and a lack of visibility for all stakeholders involved in the value chain.

A cognitive ecosystem enables sharing of real-time intelligence across digitally interconnected systems and stakeholders, powered by a fully integrated digital thread. This is achieved through advanced technologies such as digital twins, 5G/AR/VR, hyperscalers, Blockchain and more, that enable the modeling, identification, and analysis of vulnerabilities and opportunities to capture value iteratively and quickly – feeding off the shared intelligence.

Industry NeXT

Industry NeXT by HCLTech builds on the Industry 4.0 foundation and enables global organizations to uncover transformational business potential by creating a cognitive ecosystem of connected experiences, resilient operations, and responsible business practices that power the next era of physical and digital products and services. It helps businesses realize their strategic goals and create differentiated value through the confluence of the next-gen workforce, integrated phygital assets, smart facilities, and sustainable operations powered by expansive digital interventions.

Industry NeXT redefines business by helping organizations transcend functional silos and harvest the collective intelligence generated by the ecosystem.

As businesses move through this journey to resilience, they will shift to ecosystem-led integrated value delivery models driven by stakeholder collaborations at an unprecedented scale.


Industry NeXT offerings

Industry NeXT by HCLTech provides a direction to customers to digitally reinvent and future-proof their businesses and move through this journey by dynamically managing their overall ecosystem and sub-ecosystems. It also offers ecosystem stakeholders the flexibility to leverage a ‘plug-and-play’ set of solutions aligned to core areas of the value ecosystem, helping them reduce cycle time, accelerate permeable innovation, optimize costs, and build closed-loop sustainable processes.

Product NeXT
Smart and sustainable products with the ability to integrate into a larger ecosystem of digital and physical products or services seamlessly, creating value across their lifecycles
Key Capabilities

Asset performance management and tracking, predictive quality, smart edge, insights and analytics, digital twin, and product development and quality

Services NeXT
Powered by the expansive digital thread that connects the value ecosystem around the smart product, the ‘as-a-Service model’ unlocks new revenues through innovatively delivered services across the product lifecycle
Key Capabilities

Smart Integrated Operations (SIO), insights, Extended Reality (XR), solutions, Dynamic Ecosystem of Connected Devices (DECoDe), and Blockchain

Manufacturing NeXT
Fully integrated closed-loop cognitive operations and the capacity to autonomously optimize are building connected and secure factories that are powering the confluence of humans and technology with net-zero goals at their core
Key Capabilities

XR solutions, Real-time Manufacturing Insights (RMI), SIO, Private cloud, Zero-Impact Platform (ZIP), smart production systems, asset and WIP tracking, insights and analytics, and cobots

Supply Chain NeXT
Resilient supply chains in an agile, self-healing business environment can resist unprecedented disruption, proactively respond to changing customer requirements, and balance cost and performance while closely collaborating with supply chain partners to create value
Key Capabilities

Cognitive supply chain twin, Track and Trace, Smart Warehouse, cold chain and container tracking, distributed ledger, and Platform as a service (PaaS)

Aftermarket NeXT
Digital MRO services along the customer lifecycle are enabling automation of intelligent service operations that build relationships to extend beyond the contract and co-create value
Key Capabilities

XR solutions, integrated MRO, MRO tracking, DECoDe, SIO, Diagnostic, Prognostic, and Health Monitoring (DPHM), asset performance management, product insights, and Fleet Track and Trace

Operation and Workforce NeXT
Cobots and humans are collaborating via virtual workspaces by leveraging emerging technologies to increase operational efficiency and productivity
Key Capabilities

Workforce Safety, XR,
IoT-enabled Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), ZIP, Unified Manufacturing Platform, PaaS, Plant WorkBlaze, DECoDe, IT/OT convergence, private LTE, 5G, and cobots

Facility and Sustainability NeXT
Organizations striving to become sustainable must develop circular economies that reduce, reuse and recycle resources to minimize environmental impact
Key Capabilities

ZIP, Track and Trace, waste management, smart Edge, Cloud, operational insights, DECoDe, and Platform as a Service



Industry NeXT is driving long term benefits for the next-gen ecosystem.

  • Business

    Resilient, flexible, and sustainable businesses backed by intelligent technologies to ensure cognitive supply chains, digital services around smart products, and autonomous operations

  • Improved net-zero operations

    A robust governance model helps global companies come together and simplify the action plan for driving net-zero goals, operations, and transparency across stakeholders

  • Value of
    human-technology confluence

    Smart autonomous systems, cobots and immersive solutions will enable the workforce to focus on strategic activities, while also digitally accentuating them

  • From bottom-line to top-line

    New products and extensive service offerings across the ecosystem will power the top line, while intelligent automation will directly impact the bottom line

Case studies

Case studies

Industry NeXT is backed by cross-industry success stories.

Enabling a global plant equipment manufacturer to bring added value to the farm-to-fork journey
Our customer wanted to drive their sustainability objectives by reducing energy consumption and wastage across the food manufacturing and supply chain processes. They also wanted to monitor equipment usage and statuses in real-time, thereby helping their end customers better manage their assets. This would require building a slew of digital services around their connected equipment and ecosystem.
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Helping transform a global kitchen equipment manufacturer’s digital services portfolio
Our customer had limited visibility into the usage and health data around their connected products. This made aftermarket service delivery to end customers a critical challenge – resulting in low incident resolution, delayed maintenance and management operations, and prevented the customer from making rapid and continuous improvements to their diverse smart products portfolio.
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Integrating the diverse device ecosystems for a European aerospace leader
As our customer began scaling up their IoT adoption and deployed an increasing number of connected devices and assets, they realized the need to integrate multiple device ecosystems with their processes and protocols. This would allow them to create a scalable, secure, integrated and seamlessly manageable environment.
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HCLTech has implemented an insights-based IoT solution by leveraging digitization, image analytics, and robotics to capture data on the cloud and deliver insights across the value ecosystem. AI/ML technology is helping predict machine parts maintenance and replenishment, reducing energy consumption. Real-time analysis of raw material sample's quality is also helping reduce wastage by adjusting industrial processes – thereby underlining the customer’s commitment to their sustainability goals.


  • 93% aftermarket share captured through digital services
  • 75% increase in machine uptime
  • 30% reduction in energy consumption
  • 30% reduction in waste

HCLTech has implemented a unified IoT-led end-to-end secure platform for hybrid industrial kitchen devices. It has enabled the digitization of various enterprise processes – reporting and analytics, equipment menu management, food integrity, quality among others. These cloud and Edge based digital services were coupled with applications with role-based access and are helping streamline operations and processes of their end customers.


  • Significant revenue unlocked through ‘data-as-a-Service’ offering to end customers
  • Improved portfolio of smart products, powered by real-time equipment usage intel
  • Connected digital services helped optimize costs and reduce field visits

The Dynamic Ecosystem of Connected Devices (DECoDe) platform by HCLTech is helping consolidate the fragmented ecosystem of 50,000 + peripheral devices into one common platform. This is on top of the remote as well as local devices management services and rapid scale capability that the solutions are bringing in for our customer. A digital cockpit has also been implemented to manage digital workplace operations via proactive monitoring and asset management. HCLTech has also deployed a self-service and automation tools-suite to improve employee productivity.


  • 30% expected reduction in device onboarding time
  • 25% reduction in device down time
  • 20+ device families are being managed seamlessly


  • Tailoring digital thread
    in manufacturing
  • Getting ready for the
    empowered edge
  • Implement and scale digital twins for
    pipeline networks

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