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Anil Ganjoo

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Anil Ganjoo

Anil Ganjoo

Chief Growth Officer, Americas, TMT and RCPG Industries

Anil Ganjoo is the Chief Growth Officer of the Telecommunications; Media; Technology; and Retail; Consumer Packaged Goods industries for the Americas at HCL, and is responsible for driving next-generation growth into these businesses. His focus is on creating market momentum and leadership through innovative solutions and disruptive market development as well as building strategic world-class customer relationships and an industry-specific partner ecosystem.

Anil has vast experience in conceptualizing, building, managing, growing, and turning around large businesses across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. He spearheads the business strategy arising from industry convergence, digital intersection, and other discontinuities while proactively identifying opportunities to enable growth. As a proponent of leadership, through applied innovation, transformation, and market recognition, his investment initiatives in customer and industry-specific solutions, as well as collaboration with industry analysts and advisors, have driven significant results for HCL.

Anil believes in relationship-oriented leadership and the power of transparency, direct executive access, and collaboration. His success has been underpinned by his ability to build highly passionate leaders and high-performance teams that work with long-term objectives.

Anil has been an early proponent and passionate champion of diversity in leadership, and the empowerment agenda within HCL. He is also an early member of HCL’s “Talent Council” dedicated to identifying, encouraging, and mentoring young leaders.

Anil has a bachelor’s degree in electronics and telecommunications and an Executive MBA. His work within HCL has afforded him the opportunity to contribute to HCL’s growth through various roles, responsibilities and geographies.