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Prahlad Rai Bansal

Executive Profiles

Prahlad Rai Bansal

Prahlad Rai Bansal

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Prahlad Rai Bansal (PRB) is the Deputy Chief Financial Officer of HCL Technologies. Of the several responsibilities in governance, financial processes, and compliance, he is mainly responsible for the controllership function of the company. After joining HCL over 30 years ago, he has been instrumental in establishing various accounting systems and controls in the entire journey of the company. He is also a Director on two of the joint venture companies of the group.

PRB completed his graduation in 1976 from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1979. He has been a merit holder throughout his academic life. His work experience includes a seven-year profile with DCM Data Products.

PRB has been part of HCL Technologies almost since its inception. During his initial days with HCL in the US, he helped establish the backbone of the financial systems and processes in the company’s subsidiary in the US. This paved the way for the strong growth of HCL then, and charted in global territories, especially in the US region, for HCL to launch its IPO in 2000. On return to India, besides taking care of his role as a controller, he further streamlined the financial and accounting systems, helping HCL to become one of the pioneers in voluntarily reporting its financials under the US GAAP.

In this period, he closely worked with the Chairman of the company in reviewing and overseeing the performance of various business units as well as various initiatives undertaken to accomplish the highest levels of shareholder value creation at HCL.