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Santhosh Jayaram

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Santhosh Jayaram

Santhosh Jayaram

Global Head, Sustainability

Santhosh Jayaram is HCL Technologies’ Global Head of Sustainability. In his role, he will concentrate on refining and focusing HCL’s existing agenda and strategy in the critical areas of Environmental, Social and Governance. He will be instrumental in strengthening and scaling the company’s current and future sustainability initiatives and facilitating its integration into existing business practices and within HCL’s stakeholder value creation.

Jayaram earned his Master’s degree at IIT Bombay in Environmental Science and Engineering. He has worked in this space for over two decades, with more than 200 clients across 20 countries on various facets of sustainability. He has been involved in the evolution of standards and more recently, was a member of the technical committee set by SEBI on Social Stock Exchange.

Before joining HCL, Santhosh was an advisory council member for KPMG Impact, which is a global program launched to integrate sustainability into all their company activities. While there, he also led the creation of the biggest consulting team specialized in sustainability, within the organization, as well as peer consulting firms in Asia.

Jayaram is a published author of two books titled ‘Still Speaking’ (Volume 1 and 2), which combine his interests of photography, writing and painting. He also writes a blog that discusses different aspects of sustainability.

His wife Sruthi is an Ayurvedic doctor and they live with their two children in Bengaluru, India.