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Generative AI has evolved significantly and can transform enterprises across various activities, including enhancing customer experiences, increasing knowledge worker productivity, generating content, improving personalization and more.

HCLTech's GenAI offerings take a comprehensive approach across industries and business functions. These offerings prioritize innovation while adhering to a responsible and ethical AI framework, ensuring privacy, protecting intellectual property rights, promoting fairness and verifying factual accuracy.


Harnessing the capabilities of AWS, generative AI services become seamless when combined with HCLTech proficiency in AI. Here is a quick look at Amazon CodeWhisperer, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Q.

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Unleash the power of CodeWhisperer, a unique GenAI service on AWS designed specifically for code generation. It enhances software development efficiency by automating code creation and suggesting optimal solutions.

Amazon SageMaker

This comprehensive service simplifies the process of building, training and deploying machine learning models at scale. Amazon SageMaker makes GenAI accessible to developers, enabling the seamless integration of models into applications.

Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed and serverless service that offers a choice of high-performing Foundation Models (FMs). With it, customers can effortlessly test and assess leading FMs for their specific use case. They can privately customize these models with their data using techniques like fine-tuning and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and create agents capable of performing tasks using enterprise systems and data sources. Using the familiar AWS services, customers can securely integrate and deploy generative AI capabilities into their applications.

Amazon Q

Amazon Q can help customers get fast, relevant answers to pressing questions, solve problems, generate content and act using the data and expertise in their company's information repositories, code and enterprise systems. It provides immediate, relevant information and advice to help streamline tasks, speed decision-making and spark creativity and innovation at work.

HCLTech GenAI Solutions


SAP Conversational AI (CAI) has been set to maintenance mode. HCLTech and AWS have developed a well-defined tool-based approach to migrate existing SAP CAI customers to GenAI-powered chatbots leveraging Amazon Bedrock.

GenAI Case Intelligence

This solution automates adverse event intake from various channels like email, call transcripts, handwritten forms and more. Streamlining case intake enhances pharmacovigilance, ensuring critical details are captured efficiently from patient reports across communication channels.

Email EAR

Our GenAI-powered Email EAR (Extract, Act and Respond) solution aims to transform the customer support process by automating the reading, analysis and thoughtful responses to incoming emails. The solution extracts an email's core query, complaint or issue. It then understands what actions are required to resolve the customer need. Finally, it generates a user-friendly, detailed response explaining steps taken to address their questions or concerns.

Intelligent Assist (Q&A)

GenAI Intelligent Assist leverages generative intelligence to efficiently search across an organization's documents and provide accurate, relevant information to questions or requests. With multilingual capabilities, it can serve global workforces by delivering the right knowledge to the right people when they need it, regardless of language or location.

Code GReat (Generate, Review and Execute Code)

The use of GenAI to assist with code development and deployment is garnering interest across organizations. Our Code GReat solution utilizes a large language model-enabled graphical user interface to facilitate natural language interactions for code generation, review and execution. Users can generate programming code, review it and execute it conversationally. Code GReat aims to streamline the development process by leveraging the power of generative AI.

SmartRecruit (Interview Assist)

The candidate interview process can be challenging and time-consuming across organizations. Initial screening through numerous resumes, scheduling interviews, preparing relevant questions, taking notes during interviews and providing feedback afterward takes significant effort. GenAI's Interview Assist aims to streamline and enhance the whole interview experience by assisting the HR and technical panel across the entire interview process.


This extension of the MLOps platform into an LLMOps framework leverages the best-of-breed technologies to provide rich features like automated CI/CD/CT, model registry, feature store, source control and Ops pipeline orchestrator underpinned by trustworthy evaluation.

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