Case Studies

Case studies

Explore our global technology capabilities through a close analysis of several real-world cases where we enabled our clients to address their digital transformation needs and challenges. See what the key influencers at leading analyst firms are saying about us—their views on our capabilities, our continued success at building resilient digital enterprises, and our preparedness for the post-COVID world. Also, access blogs by forward-looking thought leaders and uncover new ways of strategic thinking, working, and leading in the new normal.

Here are some of our recent recognitions by leading analyst relations firms from around the globe:

HCL assembles its Microsoft expertise, IP and cloud transformation offerings into a business unit

March 2021
This exclusive report from 451 Research, written by their Co-Founder and Research Director William Fellows, provides deep insights into HCL Microsoft Business Unit’s capabilities and offerings. It highlights how the business unit helps address the requirements of a client’s digital transformation journey.

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Rethinking cloud to accelerate business outcomes

January 2021
In the pre-pandemic world, the urge for digital transformation had made several businesses cloud dependent. But the pandemic has now made cloud transition a necessity to become resilient and drive business value with cloud. Naturally, this has forced companies to rethink their cloud strategies and realize ways through which they can focus both on the technological as well as process engineering aspect of cloud journey, while navigating the cloud-transition challenges posed by the new-age global crisis. As organizations embark on the cloud journey to drive business value through customer centricity, capacity flexibility, data-driven insights, improved service levels and so on, it is also critical for organizations to focus on agility and innovation empowered by extreme automation. This can help them facilitate quick transformations based on immediate requirements and enable emerging technologies such as AI/ML, Edge Computing, Blockchain among others.

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IDC Perspective : Buyer Case Study: Transforming the Digital Workplace at Mondelez International

January 2020
This IDC Market Perspective is an excellent example of a multinational organization, Mondelez International, transforming its digital workplace. This exclusive paper describes their partnership with HCL, for managed workplace services and the outcomes and achievements to date.

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Transformational Engineering Support : An Exclusive PoV by HFS Research and HCL DPO

May 2020
Is Engineering Research & Development a critical area for your enterprise? Struggling to understand the changing Engineering Support Landscape?

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Exclusive Write up by ISG : HCL Technologies Delivers Enterprise Digital Workplace Services

April 2020
HCL’s workplace business is growing at an impressive clip across solution areas and geographies. The company has put together a comprehensive product portfolio for serving its workplace services customers, combining partner solutions with its own innovations.

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Exclusive Write up by ISG : HCL: Network Innovations from Incubation to Implementation

April 2020
In a digital world, where speed matters and time is scarce, enterprises set out on their digital journey looking to fundamentally change their operating model. They are leveraging AI and cognitive tools, internet of things (IoT), multi-cloud solutions and Industry 4.0 principles.

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Exclusive Write up by ISG : HCL NetBot Accelerates Enterprise Network Transformation with Closed-loop Automation

March 2020
The conversation in many enterprises about network automation is evolving to include policy-based, orchestration-enabled and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven methodologies. ISG has observed this trend specifically in Europe, where enterprises are increasingly emphasizing automation-led transformation.

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IoT WoRKS by HCL is aggressively driving business transformation through IoT-Based solutions

January 2019
Principal & Research analysts from TBR attended the Summit and have co-authored a report which is an extensive assessment on IoT WoRKS has helped create and maintain a competitive advantage along with becoming a torch bearer for enabling business transformation leveraging engineering expertise.

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HCL Technologies sets sights on platform and middleware as the next logical move

May 2019
This exclusive 451 research report provides deep insights into HCL’s platform and middleware approach. HCL has proven to be adept at capitalizing on the infrastructure services market with its Mode 1-2-3 strategy, and is now moving up the stack using a combination of its own IP, strategic partnerships and M&A activity.

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Ovum has published an exclusive case study on HCL’s engagement with PACT Group and their end-to-end transformation journey of the enterprise IT landscape.

Aug 2019
Pact Group (Pact) is one of the largest manufacturers of rigid plastic packaging products in Australia.

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COVID-19 accelerates automation adoption for Digital Process Operations (DPO): EXACTO™ gains significant traction

February 2021
Covid-19 is accelerating the adoption of automation technologies in a range of end user industries. EY recent research with business leaders consistently points to businesses looking to ramp-up investment in automation as they prepare for a post-crisis world. It’s becoming increasingly likely that one of the biggest beneficiaries from changes to the workplace post-covid will be automation technologies.

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