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HCL Technologies has been recognized as a Rising Star in ISG Multicloud FinOps Platforms

This report assesses independent software vendors (platform and tool providers) that offer cloud financial management solutions to manage cloud costs across multiple public clouds. HCL Technologies has been recognized as a Rising Star in ISG Multicloud FinOps Platforms for its MyXalytics FinOps solution designed for large enterprises with complex hybrid environments with siloed offices across the globe.

As per Shashank Rajmane, Senior Lead Analyst, ISG Provider Lens™ Global 2021: Public Cloud – Services and Solutions, Multicloud FinOps Platforms, "HCL’s FinOps solution offers strong cost optimization capabilities through a wide range of performance monitoring and reporting features. The solution has lot of potential, and the company has strategic investments and plans for the growth of this division to new heights."


HCL brings its automation expertise to the three simple and basic principles of FinOps, namely, inform, optimize and govern. It leverages its DRYiCE framework as a base for automating the monitoring and reporting features, which reduces manual efforts and standardizes the output while enabling proactive decision making. This helps enterprises in reducing overall IT costs and significantly increasing business efficiencies. HCL has helped its clients to reduce up to 40% of their cloud spends.

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