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HFS POV - HCL Delivers Lessons in OneOffice Transformation

This reports explains the journey to OneOffice makes employee experience part of customer experience.

With HCL’s support, its client is on the road to clearing out a whole heap of technical debt, upgrading through application modernization, and changing to CX- and EX-focused, digitally-led ways of working. But two years into the journey, the client team has advice for those setting out on their transformation:

  • Prepare for change: Do not underestimate the difference between paying lip service to supporting new ways of working and living it. Ramp up the communications, and be ready to lose some people. There is a cost to change.
  • Be a good partner: Don’t expect your partner to know what you need unless you keep them close. Establish one-to-one relationships all the way down to tactical levels, and communicate with your counterparts as if they are part of your team.
  • Be honest about the availability of skills: It’s a tough skilled-employee market, and all parties should be open and realistic about this from the start.
  • Demand more: Clients want more proactive transformation partners. HFS sees this demand from clients so often that we recommend leaders formalize what it means to them in the contracts they sign, for example, hosting regular innovation show-and-tells, presenting cross-industry case studies, and agreeing that the partner should offer a set number of innovation proposals per quarter

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