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Transformational Engineering Support : An Exclusive PoV by HFS Research and HCL DPO

Is Engineering Research & Development a critical area for your enterprise? Struggling to understand the changing Engineering Support Landscape?

Well, that’s why we created this first-of-a-kind POV on Engineering Support Services, in partnership with leading analysts from HFS Research.

According to NASSCOM, Engineering Research and Development (ER&D) is a critical ask for digital enterprises today. At a growth rate of 12.8%, ER&D is the fastest growing segment within NASSCOM. It’s no wonder then that Engineering Support Services have become more significant than ever to enterprise success. In this PoV, you’ll find answers to questions on the minds of engineering leaders from across the globe:

  • How do you think ‘Strategically’ while evaluating service partners for engineering support services?
  • How do you move from cost-focused to value- and outcome-focused negotiations, as your engagements move from operational to strategic?
  • How do you create a ‘Digital’ mindset and leverage digital technologies for engineering programs?

Learn how HCL Digital Process Operations (DPO) delivered outstanding outcomes for a leading hi-tech equipment manufacturer

  • Customer experience overhaul – 30% reduction in repeat feedbacks
  • An astounding 98% data quality score – repeated year-on-year
  • Catalogue change accuracy reaches the moon at 99.8%

Why leading analysts feel that the HCL DPO way outshines every other approach

  • Vision – Change comes from within. Maneuvered by HCL’s Mode 1-2-3 strategy, DPO has transformed itself into a unit capable of supporting cutting-edge engineering and digital technologies across all three spectrums – operational, tactical and strategic.
  • Expertise – DPO’s engineering support team has built a rock-solid capability in Robotic Process Automation, Smart Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, enabling clients to optimize, renovate or transform.
  • Collaboration – Breaking away from traditional, siloed ways of working, DPO’s engineering support team actively collaborates with HCL’s award-winning Engineering R&D Services team for strategy formulation, capability enhancement and client engagements.

Download our PoV to know how the right kind of Engineering Support can transform your enterprise end-to-end.

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