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The global payment landscape continues to be highly dynamic with changing customer preferences, emerging technologies, regulatory initiatives, and market consolidation driving innovation and disruption. Customers expect seamless and ubiquitous payments experience. Corporates demand payments traceability, contextual routing, and consolidated information. Industry drivers include real-time payments adoption, ISO20022 migration, open banking initiatives, and cross-border innovations. Technologies such as APIs, AI/ML, and cloud are enabling new ways to deliver services and payments experience. HCLTech with its expertise and industry knowledge, is uniquely positioned to support the full payments & cards value chain and address complex banking payments processing requirements under HCLTech Payments.

HCLTech Payments is a composable framework with a set of best fit for purpose solutions helping financial Institutions with highly dynamic global payments landscape. The solution offers integrated architecture that incorporates excellently executed customer journeys and has completely agile and flexible technology landscape. Payments offerings comprises HCLTech’ IPs, frameworks, accelerators, and partner products providing solution with variable cost & engagement model.

HCLTech PaCS (Payment & Card Solutions)

Business Situation

Payment Industry Trends


  • Investing in cloud computing and other digital technologies to more rapidly address evolving customer preferences and mitigate risk and regulatory obligations
  • More “Networked” Payments environment as a result of interoperability & RTP. Embedded payments represent the next wave of technology. Blending payments functionality with the software that a business uses to facilitate a user journey from purchase intent to after-sales service.

POV & Offering





Payment core optimization

  • Unified payments processing
  • Micro services

Platforms that are cloud –ready, API enabled, standards-based (ISO20022) and supports real-time payments

HCLTech Framework

Regulatory compliance/ Industry initiatives

  • Adoption of real-time payment scheme-TCH, RTP, (US), RTR (Canada)
  • Adoption of ISO20022 message standard
  • Compliance led transformation with incremental innovation
  • Help customers transition through enhanced offerings

ISO20022 transformation

Customer preferences/Cost takeout

  • Payments visibility
  • Contextual payments
  • Routing of payments based on rules
  • Ability to provide more PoV & offering visibility into payment status
  • iControl payments monitoring
  • AI/ML in payment process

Digital payments

  • Harmonize payments acceptance
  • NFC, contactless payments
  • Initiatives converging various digital form of payment acceptance
  • More adoption of contactless payments
Unified payments acceptance

HCLTech Solution


Solution Building Blocks

Intelligent Analytics & Payment reporting framework
AI/ML Payment process accelerators
Customer Ux design framework
Open Banking/ Payment API Fabric
Fintech Partnerships
Digital Identity & Entitlements accelerators
AML/ Fraud & Trade Surveillance tool
Virtual Digital Assistants
Payment Sandbox environment
Process Assessment tool
Co-Innovation Lab
Payment Blockchain environment

How HCLTech is helping Banks to leapfrog competition




Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership




Success Story

CFT- Payment Transactions Processing
CFT- Payment Transactions Processing

HCLTech developed ISO 20022 based application for the European mass payments, covering SEPA CT, SEPA DD-Core and SEPA DD-B2B. SWIFT based Multi-currency Payment and BIC based Analytical & Routing are some of the key features

Regulatory Compliance Cost Effective Low Investment solution for SEPA

  • HCLTech’s offers standardized and complete processing of all Payment transactions including domestic & cross border, mass & high value payments, SWIFT based Multi-currency payments.
  • Our payment processing also includes formatting, validating, routing, accounting and charging.
HCLTech Solution:
  • HCLTech’s ISO20022 based application for European mass payments covers SEPA CT, SEPA DD-core, SEPA DD-B2B and SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) mandate management.
  • Our offering extends to BIC based Analytical & Routing, Interfaces to bank’s core accounting systems & various payment gateways and web-based history of all components.

HCLTech solutions ensure regulatory compliance, total payment management, efficient and effective straight through processing of Global Electronic Payments, cost effective solution for SEPA that meets growth opportunities and ensures customer success.

  • ISO 20022 based application covering SEPA CT, SEPA DD-Core and SEPA DD-B2B.
  • SWIFT based Multi-currency Payment and BIC based Analytical & Routing
Faster Payments For A Leading Bank In UK
Faster Payments For A Leading Bank In UK

HCLTech was involved to build real-time payments capability (Faster Payments ), Architecture blueprint and prototype for a centralized payment hub service

Faster Payment capabilities across multiple incoming channels

  • Industry initiative was to build real-time payments capability on top of fragmented and poorly integrated systems.
  • The challenge was that most payment processing was silo based and linked to channel & product systems.
HCLTech Solution:
  • HCLTech offered a centralized payment hub service that eliminated silo based payments logic from channels, core systems, and legacy payment systems that supports processing of BACS and FPS payments in the same hub.
  • Multiple workshops were conducted with various stakeholders to explain the FPS architecture for processing of FPS payments, settlement and liquidity features, security features, functionalities of various components in the FPS system architecture.
  • Faster Payment capabilities (Real-time payments) across multiple incoming channels via single Payment processor.
  • An architecture blueprint created by HCLTech supports progressive development of a Payment Services Hub covering for payment types.
  • Enabled the bank with flexibility and scale of operations by implementing the payment Hub.
  • Elimination of silo based payments through centralized payment hub service
Integrated Cash Management portal for Large Global Bank
Integrated Cash Management portal for Large Global Bank

HCLTech as strategic partner was involved to achieve:-White labeled solutions for 5 banks Re-usable development framework Architecture re-engineering from legacy to J2EE Technology

New business avenues, Faster time-to-market, Cost benefits and application scalability

  • HCLTech’s Flagship global Internet Banking product for Corporate customers / Financial Institutions supports the Global Cash Management business.
  • We engage deeply with our clients in areas such as application development, product support, quality assurance and deployment & environment support.
  • HCLTech solutions cover payments, collections, trade services, loans & investments, pooling, netting, liquidity management, reconciliations and reporting functions.
HCLTech Solution:
  • 10+ years of engagement with the client with a peak team size of 250
  • 4 scheduled releases; 8 maintenance releases; 10.000 person days of effort each year
  • 9,000 Corporate Customers ; 90,000 users ; 3.43 mn transactions per month with total Value of USD 600 billion
  • Messaging Standards: SWIFT, EDIFACT, ISO – 20002
  • Technology: Java/J2EE/JSP/EJB 2.0, Oracle 10G, Informatica 6.1, WebLogic 8.1, MVC architecture, IBM MQ Series, Perl/CGI, Pro * C
  • Managed Services model – Cost benefits and streamlined development and support
  • White labeled solutions for 5 banks – New business avenues
  • Re-usable development framework – Faster time-to-market
  • Architecture re-engineering from legacy to J2EE Technology – Cost benefits and application scalability
  • Best practice implementation for front & back office efficiency
Consumer Cards – Loyalty (Business Process Monitoring)
Consumer Cards – Loyalty (Business Process Monitoring)

HCLTech iControl was implemented to resolve lack of understanding of how the technical outages which the production support team were dealing with day-to-day were impacting the business. RCA was also impacting due to complexity of landscape

Business process mapping, Effective RCA, Real-time business performance

  • Technical issues which had no impact on the business caused unidentifiable slowdowns for customers which due to redundancy processes.
  • Effective root cause analysis was hard to do given the breadth and complexity of the landscape
HCLTech Solution:

The client engaged with HCLTech’s iControl / Business Flow Monitoring (BFM) to understand the business performance in real-time so that any degradation could be communicated to business ops ahead of customers reporting the same issues.

  • Mapping of business process and setting key targets along each of the steps allowed PS to understand when and where issues occurred.
  • Used this data to improve the root cause analysis being performed by support teams.
Payment Hub program at a large bank in Australia
Payment Hub program at a large bank in Australia
  • New simplified payments architecture “Unified Payments Capability (UPC)”
  • Implementation of multiple components of payment hub with Product vendor
  • HCLTech was acting as system integrator and provided overall program management & solution leadership

Metric driven project management, Value zone enabling cost savings

  • Customer was moving towards a new payments architecture “Unified Payments Capability (UPC)”
  • Customer was looking for Centralized core platform for payments processing and logic, utilizing a 3rd party product framework
  • To simplify payments landscape and replace legacy payment system with the capabilities available in UPC
  • Provide ability for bank’s business units to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in the business environment.
HCLTech Solution:
  • Implemented multiple components of payment hub in partnership with product vendor utilizing its product knowledge
  • Extended and configured the platform to achieve desired capabilities in the bank
  • Provided the flexibility and scale of operations, required to implement payment hub. Helped bank to run multiple projects in parallel and meet critical timelines
  • HCLTech’s know-how on the upstream and downstream interface systems, helped in completing required system integration activities successfully
  • HCLTech Provided overall program management & solution leadership; and payment product vendor provided necessary resourcing to support implementation
  • Operational gains derived from a simplified and unified architecture:
  • Lower cost of support and maintenance
  • Lower cost of application development (changes)
  • Faster processing times
  • Predictability of the payments process – i.e., significantly improved availability, and, in the event of any issue, a much-reduced resolution time.
  • Agility and speed of responding to market and regulatory changes – eg. the industry-wide New Payments Platform (NPP).